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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosions turn Scarier, Burns down Garage & Jeep in the U.S



Samsung had lost its best opportunity to gain more users for Galaxy Note 7 than the newly launched iPhone 7. Though the device is yet to be made available in India, it was already sold in few international markets. It also got much praise for its improvements with S Pen, Always-on Display, and User Interface. The battery defect of Galaxy Note 7 which caused more than 35 explosions made the company to stop the sales all over the world except China. In China, the Galaxy Note 7 was launched with batteries from local manufacturers instead of Samsung’s SDI batteries.

Recently a user in Austalia ended up with little burns after his Galaxy Note 7 was exploded. While the company has stopped the sales, it is also replacing all the 2.5 million handsets that were sold till date. As the new units are yet to be available, the company requested all its Galaxy Note 7 users to switch off the device. Even Oculus, the manufacturers of Gear VR also issued a statement to not use the Gear VR with Galaxy Note 7. Earlier today, three airlines also ban the Galaxy Note 7 on their flights.


Now two new explosions are reported in the U.S which caused a lot more damage than the earlier incidents. The first incident has happened in South Carolina where the user plugged in the Galaxy Note 7 to charge in his Garage. Later he left to pick his daughters from the school and by the time he returned, he saw the firefighters trying to tackle the fire in his Garage. Later it was confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 was the culprit though the Air Compressor was also plugged in but wasn’t switched on.

Talking about the second incident, A husband and wife were travelling in their Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Galaxy Note 7 which was charging in their car is said to be exploded and burnt down the Jeep. In case, if you are a Galaxy Note 7 owner and reading this article, we only request you to shut down your device and keep it aside until it is replaced with the newer unit. For complete information about the replacement process; contact the store or the carrier from where you bought the device. Be safe!

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