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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Problems & Issue Fixes



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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the best flagship device launched this year. I don’t openly endorse that but love to say it to myself. I have been using it as my daily driver for around one month now, and I love the fact that it gives me what I want. Such as great performance during the run in with heavy games and apps.

But that was not the case when I first started to use the device. There were several issues that made my first week miserable with Note 5. And I was hoping that you guys don’t suffer those things. So, I have listed few issues that Galaxy Note 5 has and how you can fix or make an alternative resource for it. Let’s begin.

No MicroSD Card

Samsung doesn’t have the microSD card slot on its new Note 5, and many aren’t happy with that decision. And if that’s the case, then you need to read our use case scenario where you’ll face problems. We have listed solutions as well for the number of problems you may persist. See which use case your situation belongs.

  1. Problem : You store a lot of music on your device.
    Solution : You can get the Google Play Music subscription. The service offers whooping 50 thousand songs storage on the cloud. Moreover, you’ll have access to 35 million songs from the store.
  2. Problem : You use the device as giant USB stick to transfer work files from one PC to another PC.
    Solution : Use an OTG Drive or OTG drive with microSD card support. Travelers would love this as these OTGs are light in weight and high in storage.
  3. Problem : You take a lot of photos on your smartphone.
    Solution : Use Google Photos app as it offers Unlimited storage. Since, the device packs 16MP resolution camera and can record 4K Video your 32GB variant or even 64GB would run out of space if you’re not managing correctly. This app allows you to backup all those pictures and videos. Remember, the quality of images/ videos would be optimized as per the size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Volume Rocker Keys

Battery Life

  • Problem: You are getting less than 3 hours of Screen-on-Time on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The overall battery life isn’t what you’d expected to be.
  • Solution: Turn OFF the NFC and Turn OFF the Google Location. Use Normal Power Saving modes all the time unless you need to do gaming or some heavy stuff. Turn ON power saving modes during meetings, movie timing, etc. Use black background on the home screen as it will use less energy to display content. Note that always Charge with fast charging adapter and cable given by company. If you travel a lot via your vehicle the best thing would be to get a portable fast car charger. Samsung offers an official portable car charger.

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Glass Body

  • Problem: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is covered with Gorilla Glass on the front and back as well, which makes up to a slippery back and it’s hard to hold most of the time. Moreover, it’s smudgy front and back as well.
  • Solution: Nothing can be done for the front smudginess, but for the back you can start using the case for your device. Recommend good cases from brands like Spigen, or if you don’t like to cover your phone, then you could go with dBrand that offers a skin for the back and they’ll make your device impressive as well as easy on the slip with the rugged skin.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Rear Camera and Heart rate Sensor

S-Pen Design Flaw

  • Problem: The S-Pen coming with Note 5 cannot be inserted butt-first, due its new design. If you’re a Note user, you might have tried inserting S Pen backwards on previous iterations. But we strongly caution doing that on Note 5, as the new design can irreparably damage the Note 5.
  • Solution: There’s only one thing that you need to keep in mind, don’t insert the S-Pen BUTT-first, always insert POINT-first.

No IR Blaster

  • Problem: Company has excluded the IR blaster this time, and many Note fans are not happy with this decision.
  • Solution: If you’re using the IR Blaster on the previous Note series and hesitant to upgrade to Note 5 just because the absence of this feature. Then, hear us out before you take that decision. There is an alternative way through which you can still control IR receiving devices. You have to get Logitech’s Harmony Home Hub, which connects to your phone using Wi-Fi via the proprietary app. The Android app would allow you to control all the IR devices in your home. You get the convenience of remote controlling IR devices back.

We might have missed some problems here. Tell us if you’re facing any other problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Comment below and help other users in doing so. Peace.


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