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Samsung Galaxy M20 Top Features



Samsung has introduced a new mid-range Galaxy M series with the launch of Galaxy M10 & M20 smartphones. These are the new mid-range smartphones developed by Samsung to cater to the budget segment in the country competing with the existing Redmi, Asus mid-range smartphones. The devices deliver the contemporary dewdrop design display on the front. The dewdrop beholds the front facing camera along with the speaker grille on top.

Samsung has brought these Galaxy M10 & M20 phones with some premium features as well. We have tested the Galaxy M20 smartphone and have found the following top features. Check them out –

Get 100GB of Microsoft’s One Drive Storage

Giving away cloud storage for a new phone has become a thing now – thanks to ASUS for introducing with Asus Zenfone. Similarly, Samsung is giving away 100GB of Microsoft’s One Drive storage for Galaxy M20 users. Users need to simply login with their Microsoft account within the OneDrive app on their Galaxy M20 smartphone to get the 100GB OneDrive storage for free.


Samsung has finally introduced the new gestures for its mid-range Galaxy M20 smartphone. While these gesture-based navigations are seen in the contemporary smartphones lately, now, the Galaxy M20 also has them. Samsung had earlier introduced these gestures with their One UI powered smartphones. However, the company had also added the same with Samsung Experience powered Galaxy 20 as well.

To enable these navigation gestures, you can head over to display settings on the Galaxy M20, wherein you can enable this feature. It allows you to interact throughout the Samsung UI more intuitively with gestures instead of the standard navigation buttons and gives you more screen space as well.

Wallpapers with Stories

Along with their bunch of new wallpapers in their Theme Store, Samsung has introduced new Stories on the lock screen as well. While setting the desired wallpaper on your Galaxy M20, you can select the Wallpaper & Stories mode, after which, you can choose which category of stories you would want on your lock screen to showcase.


The categories include – Automotive, Business, Science and Technology, Music and more. Once you have chosen your desired types, every time you unlock your screen you are greeted with a new story that can be glanced, or you can head over to the link directly after unlocking your M20. Apart from these stories, you can also add your pictures to the lock screen like your Gallery, and you can also access the app shortcuts, which can be found in the lock screen settings of your Galaxy M20 smartphone.

Fingerprint Gestures

Undoubtedly the Galaxy M20 has a quite big screen and reaching the top with one hand would certainly be not easy, henceforth you have fingerprint gestures. These gestures help you to access your notification & quick settings panel quite easily with swipe gestures on the fingerprint scanner on the back.

Swiping down brings your notification panel down – and two swipes can bring your quick settings as well. The fingerprint gestures can be found in Galaxy M20’s Advanced Feature settings.

Dual Messenger

The Dual Messenger features on the M20 allows you to maintain two separate accounts on the same app such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger. This can be useful if you like to organize your work and personal apps accordingly.

Samsung also provides selected contacts feature in addition to the dual apps, which will enable specific contacts to share your secondary apps. These settings can be tweaked in the advanced features on your Galaxy M20 smartphone.

Chat Over Video

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to interact with your messages without disrupting your binge-watching of videos. It allows you to chat with your messages while watching the video, and it brings in a minimal Samsung keyboard on the video screen to interact with your message notifications.

Game Launcher

To get a better gaming performance on your Galaxy M20 smartphone, Samsung has introduced a new Game Launcher feature that organizes your gaming apps installed at once place and gives you additional features to make the gaming experience more immersive. It also offers options like focus on power saving, focus on performance, which will make the Galaxy M20 perform as per your appetite of gaming.

You can also set individual settings for each game as well. Additionally, tapping on individual games gives you the global Galaxy users data about the specific game and even youtube searches as well. You can also monitor your gaming data of how long you have been playing each game every day and for a week. These settings can also be found on your Galaxy M20 within the advanced features.

New Stickers & Modes on the Camera

The Galaxy M20 features dual cameras that include a wide-angle camera as well. The UI interface on the camera app allows you to toggle between these modes accordingly. It features beauty mode, which has been a norm on the mid-range phones these days. It will enable you to make images much softer. The camera also features live-focus mode, which is nothing but Samsung’s Portrait mode, wherein you can adjust the background blur before capturing the photo.

The camera also offers a wide variety of stickers and animations for both front and outward facing cameras. These animated stickers can be applied when the cameras detect a face, and you also get a bunch of timestamps that you can apply before capturing the photo and sharing it on the social media. The additional features on the camera include – panorama, pro mode, continuous shot, and auto mode as well.

One-handed Mode

As stated earlier, the Galaxy M20 has a quite a big screen, to have this screen more accessible you have this one-handed mode. Earlier Samsung phones had this, and the Galaxy M20 also has it. Swiping down diagonally on any screen brings down the screen diagonally from any corner, which further makes the screen more accessible. Bear in mind, and this mode can only be activated if you unhide the navigation gestures and use the traditional navigation bar keys.

Touch Sensitivity

Samsung has implemented Touch sensitivity on the Galaxy M20 smartphone that increases the touch sensitivity of your screen. This comes in handy if you use screen protectors often that usually come in clear and matte finishes. This feature can be enabled in Advance feature settings as well.

Full-Screen Apps

Under the display settings of your Galaxy M20 device, you can enable full-screen apps. This allows users to use individual apps in full-screen mode, which means after enabling, it utilizes notch display on the top as well. Furthermore, you can hide the notch by enabling hide camera on/off in the full-screen app settings of your Galaxy M20.

Home Screen and Hide Apps

The Home Screen of the Galaxy M20 also features a bunch of customizable settings. For instance, you have two layouts to choose with, Selecting Home and Apps Screens gives you to separate screens – one for your home screen apps and the other screens for your apps that acts as a separate app drawer.

And, the other layout is the Home screen only, enabling it will display all your apps on the Home Screen only. Furthermore, users can also hide individual apps on the home screen within Hiding apps settings on the Galaxy M20.


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