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Samsung Galaxy J7 Tips, Tricks, FAQs & Useful Options



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Samsung has recently launched a new smartphone Galaxy J7. The device comes powered by an octa-core processor clocking at 1.5GHz. It is the bigger sibling among the two J Series handsets launched by South Korean giant this year. These devices are considered to be as gaming handsets. If you have purchased the device then here are few tips and tricks that can help you in exploring your device with ease.

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How to insert SIM card into the device?
To insert a SIM on your Samsung Galaxy J7, Switch-off your device and remove the back panel. Further, remove the battery and insert the SIM in their respective port and place the battery back. Now put back the cover and switch it on. You have successfully inserted battery on your device and the device will set up in few minutes and will be ready for use.

How much is the free RAM available when no app is running?
The device comes with 1GB RAM where 582MB is used by the system; 207MB is used by pre-installed apps and around 584MB of free RAM is available when no apps are running on the device.

How much is the internal storage of the device?
The device comes with 16GB as its internal storage where 11.59GB free space is available for the users and rest of space will be occupied by System and pre-installed apps.

What are the bloatware available on the device?
The device comes with a few bloatware games like Bubble Bash 3, Game Zone, Midnight Pool 2, Prince of Persia and Zombie Infection 2 and few Microsoft applications pre-installed that can be disabled on your device. But you cannot uninstall the bloatware on your device.

What is System Manager and how to use it?
System Manager is used to boosting the performance of the device by cleaning the cache memory on you device. To use this application on your device, open the app from your app drawer and tap on Clean All. It cleans the memory, and release improves the performance.

How to check for the Android Updates on your device?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Updates

Android updates or the OTA are helpful in fixing the minutes bugs on your device. To check for updates on your device, Open the settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on About device in the system section. Now, tap on Software updates and click on Update now, The device checks for updates and download the update if you are connected to the Wi-Fi. Now you can install the update on your device.

What are the pre-installed apps on the device?
The device comes with Radio, basic tools like calculator, clock, memo, My Files, Voice Recorder, Galaxy Apps, SPlanner, few bloatware and all the google related apps pre-installed.

How to capture the screenshot on you device?
To capture a screenshot on your device, you need to press the power/lock key along with home button. The screenshot is captured and saved to the gallery folder on your device.

Does the device support OTG drive?
Yes, the device supports the OTG feature and helps in moving the files from your device to OTG drive.

How to share your Data network via Tethering on the Samsung Galaxy J7?
Tethering mode is helpful in sharing the data over a device. To enable this option on your device, Open the settings and in the connections section, tap on Mobile hotspot and tethering. In the new window, click on a mobile hotspot and toggle the off button to enable it on your device. You can click on More on the same window and tap on Configure mobile hotspot to set the network name and password for your device.

How to Install external apps with apk files on the Samsung Galaxy J7?
External apps can be installed by enabling the Unknown sources option on your device. To enable this option on your Samsung Galaxy J7, open the settings, tap on Lock screen and security. In the new window, tap on Unkown Sources option and click on OK button to enable that on your device. Once it is enabled on your device, you can install any external app on your device.

How to customize the Quick Settings in the Notification Panel?
The quick setting in the notification panel of this device cannot be customized.

How to use the Power saving modes on the Samsung Galaxy J7?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Power

Powersaving mode helps in improving the battery life of the device in case of emergency. To enable this option on your device, Open the settings, head over to the system and tap on battery. In the new window, you will find Two battery options Power saving mode and Ultra power saving mode. Tap on any of the power saving modes and toggle the off button to enable them on your device. Power saving mode will save the battery life by limiting the maximum CPU brightness and frame rate.

How to use the Ultra Power Saving mode on the device?
When you use the Ultra power saving mode for the first time a pop-up with terms and conditions appear on screen. Now tick the check box and tap on Agree button and the Ultra power saving mode is enabled on your device. You can find only three options on the home screen, and all the background apps are disabled on the device. If you want to come out from ultra power saving mode, tap on more button, i.e., to the top right of the device and click on disable ultra power saving mode. All the services and background action would be reduced to normal.

Can we uninstall the bloatware apps on Samsung Galaxy J7?
No, we cannot uninstall the bloatware from Samsung Galaxy J7, we can just disable them on your device.

What are the benchmarking scores of the device?

After testing the device with different benchmarking tools, here are their respective benchmarking scores.

Antutu benchmark score: 38094
Vellamo Multicore score: 1562
Vellamo Metal score: 1097
Chrome Browser Score: 2291
Geekbench Single-core score: 683
Geekbench Multi-core score: 3458
Quadrant Standard score: 198640

How to enable the one-handed operation on your device?

Samsung Galaxy J7 One Handed

One handed operation helps you to adjust the size and position of the dialing pad, in-call button, Samsung keyboard, calculator and unlock pattern for easy use of operations with one hand. To enable this on your device, Open the settings, tap on display in the device section. In the new window, tap on One-Handed input and toggle the off button to enable that on your device.

Can we move apps from internal storage to external SD card?
Yes, there is an option on the device where you can move an app from internal storage to an external micro SD card on your device. To use the feature on your device, open the Settings, tap on Applications in the device section. In the new window, tap on Application Manager. Now tap on the application that you want to move and click on Move to SD card. The App is successfully moved from internal to SD card on your device.

These are the general questions a user search for when he purchases a new device if you have any other queries pass them in the comment box we will get back to you.


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