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Samsung Flow helps in seamless transition across Samsung devices



Flow App Samsung

Apple’s Continuity feature has been well known, to seamlessly show one screen’s content on other one. Samsung is one such brand that has devices in almost every category – smartphones, tablets, laptops and even TVs. Having some similar features would be very handy. Especially something helpful like the seamless transferring or replicating of one screen, onto the other. They have just launched an app called “Flow”, which helps in transition of activities across devices.

Available as a Public beta, Samsung Flow supports only a few devices right now.

Here’s what Flow app can do. Firstly, it transfer an activity from one device to another. If a user is doing something particular on one device, the same can be done on the other, exactly from that point rather than starting off from scratch. This is extremely useful when that particular task needs to be done on a larger display. Second, the Flow app helps defer an activity when the Samsung device that is needed is not around, or the user is busy with something else and would want to continue the same later on.

One good thing to notice about the Flow app, is that it uses the Android smartphone’s built-in sharing feature, so users will be able to notice the option for a lot of apps already. But, on the other side, Flow won’t work with any cloud service and it needs either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to work, thus either the devices need to be in the same network, or close enough to be connected through Bluetooth.

If you are still confused about what it is, remember how a user on Apple was writing an email on his iPhone, and then resumed the same on iPad? It is the same case here. Currently, the Samsung Flow app is available on Beta on Play Store.

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