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Samsung Electronics Leading the 5G Mobile Communications Technology



Many countries are still in the process of rolling out 4G LTE networks, and yet others are already looking forward to the next level of network communications. The countries like China, Japan, and the United States are some of those countries that are working to commercialize the 5G mobile technology.

While doing so they want to dominate the market, but, unfortunately, the progress has been slow so far. Though, Samsung wants to lead the way and play a pivotal role in commercializing the 5G Mobile technology. The South Korean electronics giant has proposed a vision of 5G communication system to a private organization, which sets the global standards for telecommunication technologies.

For an effective standardization of this next-gen technology, the Samsung Electronics made a proposal at the 3GPP RAN workshop held in Phoenix, United States. The two days workshop saw many big names in the telecom sector from worldwide, such as Nokia Networks, Qualcomm, Ericsson, SK Telecom, NT Docomo, Verizon, Vodafone and many more.

Those who are unware of the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) organization, it is an organization comprises of big telecom players from all over the world. What organization does is that it sets international standards for the communications in 5G mobile technology.

The workshop saw visits by more than 500 officials from the industry, which also includes around 60 mobile carriers. The consensus has been formed among 23 of these giants, which would result in laying down a path for effective standardization of the 5G mobile technologies that would be used all over the world.

This joint contribution committee proposes a phased standardization schedule; the first phase should be completed by September 2018 during the second phase of the standard 5G mobile network. The participating companies also set some goals to work comprehensively on improving the frequency efficiency and maximum transfer rates for existing 3G and 4G service systems.

Some more highlights of the workshop were to improvise the energy efficiency, increase the number of devices possible per unit area, as well as decrease the transmission delays for IoT (Internet of Things) in the 5G mobile technology.

In the meantime, Samsung Electronics has been doing research and development in the 5G technology since 2011. And the company did succeed in introducing the first gigabit-level (1.2 Gbps) data transmissions. It was done after two years in 2013 using the microwave frequency. We hope Samsung Electronics soon get a breakthrough on the 5G technology to commercialize it effectively and efficiently.


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