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Samsung Dual-Display Hingeless Smartphone could be a Reality, based on Patent filed



Earlier today we covered a story on Samsung’s new patent that illustrates both foldable Galaxy smartphones as well as tablets. We have already seen such similar concepts from the company before, and we expect this device will launch next year if not by the end of this year. Now according to this new patent, we can hope to see a dual display smartphone from the company. The rumored Galaxy X is also expected to launch in 2017 with a 5.7-inch 2K display.

Yes, this new patent filed by the company showcases a design that builds upon the existing idea and hopes to make this one better. Now the latest design has two displays and the second display doubles as a functional unit. It is the second display where the input devices, sound devices, sensors, wireless charging pods, etc. will be housed. This will be an interesting design to check out as it is unlike any of the design we have seen before.

Other interesting features include ultrasonic input over and above the multi-touch, biometrics, etc. It is also expected that a TV module may be implemented with this device. No other smartphone houses a TV module in the smartphone. The company also launched the Galaxy Wide earlier today in South Korea. This smartphone also featured a similar module for receiving digital signals in the region. According to the patent, the new alleged device will also feature one medical device like the heart rate sensor, blood pressure, body temperature or blood glucose monitor.

In the previous patents, we saw the illustration of using an edge display when the device will be in folded state. The edge display allowed users to trigger the desired log in mode or the apps to be launched, so that once the device is unfolded to use, the user can be directly landed onto those pages.

Note that this patent was also filed by the company last year in November and until now we haven’t seen any progress or any information update from the company. But again, these are some great innovative ideas, and we cannot expect the smartphones or tablet with these features to launch soon. But we can expect some information from the company by next year or maybe a device as well. But all these are just speculations and we have no confirmation from the company or any other source. Stay tuned for more information.


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