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Samsung S7 Browser gets Reader Mode with Ads Stripped, ClutterLess Experience & Night Mode



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Today while browsing PhoneRadar on Mobile, there was an interesting option found, that clearly stood apart because of the placement of the shortcut. If you have recently updated your pre-installed Browser on the Galaxy S7, Edge, you would also notice this option showing up that shows a small bookmark type icon with “R” in it. If you are wondering, the app version in our case is version 49.0.2623.91. You can find it already available on the Samsung Galaxy Store and download it onto your android devices.

The browser would show you this “Reader Mode” option by default without your need to enable any specific options from the settings. To get started just access any website (Our Eg: Freedom 251 story) and you should find the option on the top address bar, but specifically on the article / individual pages, while no change on the home page of any website. This probably could be based on an assumption that the homepage would be already optimized and would be showing all the important information only.

In the Following two screenshots you can notice how the new “Reading Mode” would remove the Featured Image, hide the advertisements, hide the logo, search box and all the other elements of the already light mobile version making it very easy to read the content without any distractions.

PhoneRadar Article Page PhoneRadar Article Reading Mode

Apart from the Reading Mode, if you notice there are two options shown below the address bar that says SHRINK & ENLARGE. These are useful for someone who wishes to read the text content with a larger font. A few taps on this option and the text gets larger and larger, that you can stop depending on the text size you are convenient to use. Along with this you can also notice the site URL would be listed below the title of the story to still you some reference to where you are reading the article from and all the other options at the bottom stay the same.

PhoneRadar Enlarge Shrink Mode

Tapping on “MORE” would give you access to more options, though these again refer to simple tasks that would practically be useful to most of the users. Starting off, there’s Share, Save webpage and Find on page. The most Important under these is the “Enable Night mode” that would change the colors of the current setup and start the night mode with a dark theme that shows a black background & the text in white making it easy to read all the content on the webpage.

Chrome Enable Night Mode Chrome Night Mode Demo

From a publisher point of view, this mode is something that’s going to hurt the revenues of the content creators but when you talk about convenience its better because this has to be enabled on page by page level unlike a few browsers that block complete advertisements by default. If you have seen this option on your phone, comment below with your experience on the same and would like to know more on the same.

Update: We had reported earlier about these features available on the Chrome Browser, which was wrong factually since it was the Samsung Internal Browser that came with these features. Thanks to Ashish Mundhra, who had reported the error to us.


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