Sailfish OS For Sony Xperia X Smartphones Launched at €49.90

by Karthik Iyer 8

Sony has been trying hard lately to make it big in the smartphone market. The company has launched a ton of new smartphones and in fact, it looks like they have a lot of new ones lined-up as well. It is also worth noting that they have tried a few things on the software side as well and on the same lines, one thing which the company did was allowing Jolla, the company behind Sailfish OS to optimize the platform for Xperia X smartphones.

Well, firstly, for those of you who don’t know what Sailfish OS is, it is an operating system developed by Jolla and the same has been spotted running on a few smartphones from companies like Intex, etc. If you are not aware of this, then we don’t blame you for it since it is not all that popular in comparison to something like Android/ iOS. And talking about the Xperia X smartphones getting the OS support, this was announced at the beginning of the year and now finally we have something on this front.

It has now been reported by Jolla that Sailfish OS for the Xperia X smartphone is now available to be purchased and downloaded. Yes, you read that just right. Users who are willing to give this a shot on their Xperia X smartphones will have to buy the OS and then you will be able to install it. The image to be flashed on the smartphone costs €49.90 (including VAT) which roughly translates to about 4,000 INR. The same will be available starting October 11th. Interested users in Europe can buy the OS starting September 27th, post which, the OS will be made available on the above-mentioned date.

As of now, there is no info about the availability of the same in other countries, however, it is expected that it will be made available in North America very soon. Also, if you are planning on purchasing and installing it on your Xperia X smartphones, then, hold on. There are a couple of things which you should be knowing.

Do make a note that not all the features will work initially with the first software release. This means that even after paying for the OS, the first release will have issues and features like Bluetooth, Fingerprint sensor, FM Radio, etc. probably won’t work. Also, in order to install the OS, it looks like a Linux PC will be necessary. And lastly, it is also worth noting that the same can be installed only on unlocked (Single-SIM) Xperia X smartphones. Having said that, be sure to let us know your thoughts on by leaving a comment down below.

Source – Jolla

Karthik Iyer

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  • Swapnil Potdar

    That’s Great News Sony👌

  • Koi kyun kharidega ise! Envi.. 🤔

  • Aakash Prajapati

    Yes Sir I Will Use Little Time But Not Like. Because In No Physical Or Screen Over Button Getting. When Go Back Than Upper Side Left Get To Back & One Vertical Apps. It’s Not Button Then It’s Get Round Type Led Light Than Press Than Go To Backside. In Back One Background Apps & Etc. See One Page.

  • Vishal Giri

    big question is, who is going to use this OS instead of the already great Android?

  • Chandrakant Agrawal

    No interest this Phone

  • Uday Kumar

    2mins of silence for those who don’t know about Sailfish OS but still showed their disintrest

  • Francis Brenet

    I’ll try Sailfish OS. I’ve been using Android for about a year, but still miss Nokia’s meego N9 User Interface, (control screen of running apps – true multitasking…). Hope to find some remnants of it in Sailfish. Also, I never really got used to Google’s endless ads and unwanted notifications – a permanent nuisance to me.

  • Arup Das

    Over price Sailfish OS For Sony Xperia X Smartphones Launched at €49.90