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Rumors suggest that Android O might feature revamped notification, picture-in-picture & more



Google is expected to announce the new version of Android i.e. Android O and it is expected to be called Oreo. Let’s leave that discussion for another day and discuss what we have in hand. It looks like the new version of Android will come with a couple of new features which might come in handy. Yes, we are still quite far from the official launch but the rumors have started rolling out early. According to the rumors, the new version of Android will bring a handful of new features like a revamped notification, picture-in-picture mode, smart text selection, etc.

Talking about these new features, we don’t have much info about each one of them, but what we have is a couple of interesting details which are good for starters. As far as the revamped notification is concerned, it is expected that there will be some design changes on the table. The notification design was changed with Android Nougat and it looks like more changes are on the way. It has also been reported that most of the changes from ‘Andromeda’, which Google was working on will be ported here into the main Android product. If that is something to go by, then we are surely in for a lot of design changes.

Another change which is expected to hit is app icon badges for active notifications. This is something that has been there in most of the OS and in fact it is also there in most of the third-party OS based on Android. Having this built right into the Android OS is definitely a great thing to have. This feature, althoguh is not be a deal breaker, will show you how many pending notifications you have for a particular app. And the next feature is expected to be the picture-in-picture.

If you are able to recall, last year, the company added this picture-in-picture to the Android TV with the Nougat update and now it looks like we will be getting this on mobile OS as well. Considering the fact that Google is planning to launch a Plus size smartphone soon, this could be a great addition. This will work great on tablets too, but hey, who uses a tablet these days anyway, right?

And moving on to other rumors, we have smart text selection as well. In case if you have been following the news, then you already know that we had reported about a feature called ‘copy less‘ which will automatically suggest you text to paste instead of writing the whole thing again. This new rumor has now put more light on this and it does look like we will be getting the feature after all. It looks like we will be getting a floating toolbar with Assistant integration.

Another feature which is expected to make a debut is adaptive icons. What we mean by adaptive icons is that the app icons will be able to show realtime data. For instance, the clock app icon will show the time realtime and even the calendar will show the date in realtime. This feature will be baked right into the main build of the next version of Android. Also, there are tons of other new addition which is expected to make a debut with the new version of Andoird. If you wish to know all of them, then we suggest you check the source link below for more info.

With that said, let us know which new feature are you most looking forward to with the new version of Android and also let us know what do you think will be the name of the this new version of Android. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on this.


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