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Ringly – A perfect combination of Jewelry + Phone Notifier (Connected Ring)




Wearable gadgets are going from bulky to sleek beautiful and useful at the same time and are also fulfilling the purpose they serve of notifying you and the age of smart phones. Where we no longer need to keep looking at our phone to see who is calling or what notifications we have received as these wearable devices will let us know of everything very easily.

If you are expecting an important call or message of a Doctors appointment or some evening plan, and you are not allowed to carry your phone on a particular floor of you work this makes it much easier to know that you have received a message. Or a call instead of running to your phone every now, and then to check if you have got the message or call.


Ringly is one such product which was founded by Christina Mercando who wanted to make technology and getting notifications stylish. The device connects with your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth LE-technology.

Design of Ringly

Ringly as the name suggests is a stylish Ring which also works in showing you notifications from your smartphone. It made up of 18 karat Gold ring which also has a semi-precious stone with choices like Emerald, Moonstone, Sapphire and Onyx which are of different colors to choose from for your liking.
The main notification display is with a small LED light which is present on the side of the stone on the ring that will blink using five different colors each of which has been connected to its notification.

Features and how does Ringly work?

Ringly is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled with which it is connected to your Android or iPhone device with the help of the App, which will give you settings to control the notification color and vibration pattern of each notification. You can set a particular color for each notification, like green for Email, blue for facebook and other colors like yellow, purple, red, ash for twitter, messages, applications, calendar, phone call, etc.

Ringly App

  • You can also set a particular vibration pattern to each notification to know which notification you have got.
  • The Ring has various sizes of 6,7 and 8 to help fit all types of users.
  • It is a very stylish and less noticeable way to keep track of your notifications if you are a person who attends more meetings or a Doctor where you will know. What notification you have got and if decide without disturbing anyone.
  • The App is there for Android and iPhone users, but Blackberry and Windows users have to wait some more before they can use this Ring.
  • You can charge Ringly with the box in which it comes as it is the charger and a place to store your ring which not in use. The Box has to be connected to a USB port to start charging.
  • The battery lasts approximately two days of normal use.

Release Date, Price and where to order

Ringly is available for Pre-order from their official site – Ringly Pre-Order. Ringly is priced at $145 for Stargaze (black onyx), Wine Bar (Pink Sapphire), Day Dream (Rainbow Moonstone), and $180 for Into the Woods (Emerald). That are available for pre-order from their site with the retail prices being 25% more than what are being offered now. So if you want a Ringly book it now and get the discount offered.


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