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PhoneRadar Review Policy – Ethics & Etiquette

PhoneRadar is a mobile news and reviews website, which is run by a group of enthusiasts who report stuff from around the world, and provide unbiased opinions on each of the handset available in the market.

What do we promise about our reviews

  • PhoneRadar does not take any payment to review the phones.
  • PhoneRadar provides unbiased, honest opinions on the products, with no limit for appreciation or criticism.
  • PhoneRadar team says what the expert team finds about the product, but not what the Advertisers wants us to say.

We set some editorial guidelines and review guidelines to review a product, which either we purchase, or we receive for a review from the brand as a loan. If we receive the device from the brand as a gift we give it away through a giveaway or some other way but never use them.

If, in any case, we charge a company to review the product, it should not have anything promotional and we would stick to the unbiased theory while reviewing it. Not always a product is sent to us after the launch, and when we receive the product prior to the market launch, we agree to an embargo with the company or the PR firm associated with it, and only after the public launch, the review is published although we take the same time for review as it is done for any product.

Sometimes, we do not receive the products (mobile phone) from the company and the team purchases the device. Occasionally, the phone sent by the company is retained for longer time than usual and this is in case of the smartphones which receive regular updates which are important to cover and let our readers know about it, and this is again not any different case.

What is a hands-on (according to PhoneRadar)

This is an opinion given by us about a product which could either be in the production phase, not released in the market, or the final product, but this isn’t after testing every aspect for days. The hands-on that we write, are with the initial impressions giving a general overview of the product, and we try to give our views based on the current technology and the need in the current market.

The hands-on doesn’t give a final picture about the worth of the product, and it doesn’t help the reader on deciding whether this is something worth purchasing, because the final review is done after thorough testing and usage. The use of the word “review” here doesn’t mean we test everything, but it follows the word hands-on to make a perfect sense.

What is a review (according to PhoneRadar)

A review is something done by our team testing out the various factors which we feel are important for the buyers, and which we test every bit before coming to a final conclusion, comparing with similar products in the market. The review includes various factors which we rate to put up a final score, and the review is done only after the product is available in the market, thus giving an idea to the reader whether the product is worth the price.

Here are the different factors that we test, before putting up a review of the phone (or a similar product in our niche).

  • Design, Form Factor
  • Display, Outdoor (under the sun) brightness, Viewing angles
  • Performance, Speed, Benchmarks
  • Cameras – capturing samples, video recording, features, modes
  • Call quality – reception, speaker quality
  • Software – OS, Interface, Ease of use and Apps
  • Ports, Speakers location and quality
  • Battery life (testing the life on light & heavy usage)
  • Connectivity – data network, other options tested
  • Value for money

Who does the reviews at PhoneRadar?

The review team has a few people working around the camera testing, benchmarking, capturing videos and testing out the call quality, network strength and such, and this is led by the editor, Chetan Bhawani.

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