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How to Reset iPhone 7 and enter DFU mode without Physical home button



Apple was busy last week with the announcement of the new iPhones, as well as a bunch of other products such as Watch Series 2, Airpods, iOS 10 and many accessories for the iPhones. The brand is known to tout their handsets with faster and better configuration every year as they launch new iPhones. This year wasn’t any different, as they endorsed the new iPhones to be the best ever iPhones.

Despite changes and improvements, there are some people out there who believes that Apple hasn’t done justice to many of the iPhones feature such 3.5mm Audio Jack, as it has been removed from the device. While there are some welcoming features such as IP67 rating, better camera modules and more.

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Though, there is one thing that is making many iPhone consumers search about how to reset iPhone. The main reason behind that is due to the introduction of the new Home Button. The new iPhone 7 might look pretty similar to old generation models, but the new Home Button is a radical change that only a few expected or wished for.

For those who were living under a rock, well, the Apple has added a new Home Button, which isn’t clickable anymore. It is the first ever capacitive button introduced on iPhone. There is a new Taptic Engine that provides necessary vibration feedback, which doesn’t make it feel like a touchpad.

With this all new trendy feature, iPhone users are worried about how they can reset their devices since the home button isn’t pressable anymore. As previously, iPhone users would just hold the home key and power button to force reboot the phone. It is a failsafe for many users when everything else fails.

So, if you’re wondering what do in cases such as Jailbreak went bad. Well, we have got your back. Follow the instruction below to reboot your iPhone 7.

  1. Press & Hold down the Power ON/OFF button present on the right edge.
  2. Continue to Hold the Power ON/OFF button, now you have to Press & Hold the Volume down button, which is present on the left edge of your iPhone 7.
  3. You have to hold both buttons as the screen turns OFF and turns back ON quickly.

Do make a note that taking a screenshot is similar on iPhone7 as earlier models. Press & Hold the Power and Home Button.

Follow below steps to put your iPhone into DFU (Device Recovery) Mode, which puts your iPhone into a state where it can still interact with iTunes on Windows/ Mac, but the boot loader on iOS hasn’t been activated yet.

  1. You have to plug in your iPhone to the system, Windows or Mac.
  2. Launch iTunes app on the system.
  3. Make sure now you have turned OFF your iPhone 7 at this point.
  4. You would have to Press & Hold the ON/OFF button on the right edge of your device for just 3 seconds.
  5. Further at the same time, Press & Hold Volume down button on the left edge of your iPhone 7.
  6. Make sure you keep holding both the buttons for 10 seconds. Note if you see Apple logo, you will need to start again.
  7. Now you have to let go of the Power ON/OFF button, but keep holding the volume down button for 5 seconds. Warning, if you see “Plug into iTunes” screen, it means you have held it too long and need to start again.
  8. Although, if the screen stays black, it means your iPhone 7 is in DFU mode now.

Note that at this point; you should be alerted by iTunes saying it’s detected your iPhone 7 and will allow it to be restored. Do make a note that if you see any logos on your device, then it is possible you might be in Recovery Mode instead of DFU mode. You can try again for DFU mode if Recovery mode doesn’t work.


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