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Reports claim that batteries are not responsible for the Galaxy Note 7 explosions



The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones faced a global recall by the company following the tragedic explosions that were taking places across the globe. The company recalled all the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that they sold (counted in millions) and in turn faced a massive loss. Although the loss incurred was indeed a huge one, but they had no option. Last month we had reported that the company knows the reason for the explosions, but they are not ready to make it official to the public yet, well it turns out that they will be giving out a statement in a couple of weeks. However, we don’t have to wait for the statement, thanks to leaked info from Korea.

According to reports, it looks like the batteries which were believed to the cause of the explosions are not the ones to be blamed here. Yes, the word out from Korea says that Samsung is going to use the batteries coming from the same Samsung SDI for S8 which supplied the battery for Note 7 as well. It has been reported that both the new variants of the Galaxy S8 will be powered by the batteries from Samsung SDI. Well, the Galaxy S8 is probably the most important launch they have now, and if the batteries from Samsung SDI were any threat, they would not risk it. Hence it looks like the batteries supplied for the Note 7 were not in fault after all.

And not just that, Samsung also plans to use the same batteries for its 2017 Galaxy A series smartphones as well which includes the A3, A5 & A7. As a matter of fact, the battery which is going to be powering the A7 smartphone has about 20-percent higher capacity than the ones inside the Note 7. Hence, judging by the confidence with which they are planning to use these batteries, it certainly looks like the batteries are not at fault here. So the ultimate cause of the explosions remains to be seen now as we have no clue on that. It is believed that Samsung will come up with an official statement by the end of this month, so all we can do is sit back and wait for them to tell us the reason behind the mishap.

It has been reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 problems had to do with some ‘strategic defect’. Well, it could mean pretty much anything and we just have to wait for the official wording. With that said, if you want to stay updated on this info, then we suggest you stay tuned to PhoneRadar as we will update once we have more details on the same.


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