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Reliance Jio Fiber Service begins with 100 MBPS Plan free for 3 months



Reliance Jio, the company that has taken India to a digital standard it should have been ages ago, is again in the highlight as the company has reportedly began it’s Fiber to Home Broadband service in Mumbai, City of Maharashtra. The Jio Fiber Service is said to offer 100 MBPS speed, which is insanely fast looking at the average broadband speeds India is getting these days on Home broadband.

Interestingly, the company plans to offer this service free of cost for first three months. Meaning whosoever get this connection wouldn’t be charged for high data usage for first three months. According to a report appeared on India Today, there are some building in Mumbai where people can subscribe to the service. It is believed that the cable installation for the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) service from Jio began installation in November last year.

Reliance Jio Fiber 1Gbps Broadband Service Plans revealed starts at Rs 500 onwards

As told by a resident named Rushabh Vora, living in a Rahul Building on Walkeshwar Road in Mumbai, told the publication that Reliance Jio has been setup in the building premise and it’s up and running as many people are using it. It is reported that the service is also rolled out in Nepeansea Road in the city. For the first three months company is going to offer the service for free, where the speed users are getting is between 70 MBPS to 100MBPS.

Last year during AGM meeting held by Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of the Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited shared that company not only bringing 4G LTE to the smartphones, but is looking to empower homes in metro cities in India with High-Speed broadband plans, which would fall under Jio Fiber service using the 4G infrastructure.

The cities such as Delhi, Chennai and Pune is also included in the initial phase of roll out, which should begin soon as India goes digital. You can expect speeds up to 1GBPS according to the plans availability and users selection. Reliance Jio plans to expand their horizon to top 100 cities where they would be offering the FTTH service. It would not only available for building residents but also for the enterprise solution. Where multi-gigabit per second speed is promised by Jio.


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