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5 Reasons Not to Buy the Apple iPhone 6S Plus



Apple has all the reasons to enjoy its highlight as the company has done great work in terms of making people excited about their devices, just like every year. The new iPhones were reveled during their two-hour long keynote in San Francisco, and crowd got pretty excited for these devices. Though, if I talk honestly, apart from the innovative features that company have claimed are the first to be introduced on the iPhones, there is probably very less upgrades done on the new devices.

We have talked how the iPhone 6s isn’t a perfect device and has its flaws when it comes to important aspects of the phones. Now below you’ll see few reasons why the iPhone 6 Plus is not exactly the best phablet in the market. Everything else you can judge as we highlight those things.


There are many smartphones in the market with a display resolution of more than just full HD, i.e. 1920 x 1080. The 2K displays are becoming the trend among the high-end smartphones while if you look at the new iPhone 6s Plus, which still packs a full HD display. It might be a retina display, but that doesn’t make it better than a 2K Display.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Though, after introducing a large screen device last year, it was expected that there might be a new and improved screen on the way. But apparently it was not in concern list of company.

The 3D touch introduced on the new iPhone 6s Plus is all about the intuitive functionality on the iOS, which is quite an improvement. But if only the company has focused on the display resolution, then it might be a great device for media consumption. Moreover, the company has targeted this device for media consumption, i.e. watching YouTube videos, playing heavy graphics games, as well as watching movies. And yet not delivering in that aspect.


The storage woes are still there for the entry level model on the iPhone 6s Plus, same as the iPhone 6s. The media consumption is growing super fast in this era, and it would only demand more storage space on the smartphones. Companies like Samsung and LG are launching their smartphones with at least 32GB storage space. So, why should the biggest tech giant in the world is not offering it on their smartphones? Well it looks like Apple wants to push its ASPs (Average Selling Price) to the highest as possible by excluding the 32GB model, so its consumers would have no choice but to opt for 64GB model even if they doesn’t need that much storage.

It’s actually creating quite a struggle among consumers as bigger models are quite expensive. Moreover, the Cupertino giant doesn’t want its users to make full use of new iPhone capabilities like 4K Video and Live Photos. Company is raffling its new features by not introducing ideal storage on its entry level variant.

You ask! Why wouldn’t I be able to make full use of new features on the new iPhone 16GB model? Well its simple, the 16GB model would only allow you to store data up to 10GB. And that storage space would be filled within the 30 minutes of 4K video recording, although it’s entirely a different question whether or not it will be able to capture video for that long period without heating a lot.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus - Pricing


This is one of the important factors if you’re going with a high-end device for your next upgrade. If you’re a Apple fanboy, then i would suggest that this article is not for you, as you would be blindly going with the new upgrade just like every year. Though, if you’re reading it anyway, just know that we are not offending the Apple products here, just stating the opinion with market facts.

The smartphone market has become a war zone for flagship devices since when companies started to manufacture the premium devices. This year Apple event overboard with their new iPhones by announcing a lot of claimed upgrades. Though, I would suggest you to take a clear look into the current market. If you’re going with a larger iPhone 6s Plus, then there are dozens of alternatives available in market that you could take a look at.

For $749, you’ll be getting the iPhone 6s Plus with 2GB RAM, 12MP Camera and a battery that is said to last a day, although, its the same capacity that was present on previous bigger sibling. Moreover, there is no 2K display present on the device, and yet you might not get a day’s charge out of it. Whereas there are many devices in the market that offer such displays and more than a day’s battery on average usage.

Build Quality

You might have watched the bendgate video of the UnboxTherapy, which went viral and attracted Company’s attention to the materials they used on their first bigger iPhone last year. The company might have learned a lesson or two from that and we hope the new bigger iPhone is not bendable.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus - Build

The new iPhone 6s Plus is quite heavy for a 5.5-inch device at 192 grams, which is 20 grams extra from iPhone 6 Plus. Now even if you take the metal body into consideration, it is utterly heavy. Whereas if you see the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which only weighs 171 grams for a full metal body smartphone.


The new iSight camera now boasts 12 megapixel count, although, it’s still placed off- center. The camera bump is still present even though, the thickness of iPhone 6s Plus is increased from 7.1mm to 7.3mm. We thought maybe this time; there won’t be a protruding camera. But here we are again, with same issues repeating.

Though, company hasn’t moved on from the f/2.2 lens while the smartphones in market are now coming up with f/1.8. LG G4 and the recently announced Sony Xperia Z5 Premium comes packed with f/1.8 lens. If you’ve doubt then you can see our camera review of the LG G4 and see why the large aperture number is good for low light photos.

Nothing is perfect, and so is the new iPhone 6s Plus. Now if you’re looking for Alternatives for the iPhone 6s Plus in the market. Then, let us take you over to our article where we have talked about the five alternatives for the iPhone 6s Plus.


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