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Get ready for SPAM! Whatsapp to allow Businesses to Message 1B+ users



When a company has a dedicated blog post on their website declaring that why they don’t sell ads, as against the reasoning to charge the nominal fees. The company in question is WhatsApp, who is known for the popular cross-platform messaging app by the same name.

When Facebook purchased WhatsApp, people thought the app wouldn’t be ad-free anymore. As the 19.3 Billion dollar investment from the company has to have some monetization platform. So, here it comes. WhatsApp has finally paved the way to its owners for potential revenue stream as the company changes its privacy policy to allow businesses to message it’s billion plus users.

This is the big shake-up no one expecting as WhatsApp has a history of being kind to its users and making them feel secure by offering end-to-end encryption service, which is one of the features that company introduced in the recent times on their cross-platform apps.

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The messaging service is planning to test this new service including fraud alerts from banks, as well as updates from airlines regarding delayed flights. These all features are expected to roll out in the coming months this year.

Though, there is a relief that company won’t be putting banner adverts in messages. Since, the company recently reiterated the end-to-end encryption, it would mean the company won’t have access to the content of messages, nor it now maintains metadata on who contacts whom. As easy as it might sound to us to target 1 Billion plus users, it would be as complicated to implement these services at such large-scale.

A spokesman from company quotes in blogpost that, “We want to explore ways for you to communicate with businesses that matter to you too, while still giving you an experience without third-party banner ads and spam,”

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The policy would allow Facebook’s main app to use the phone number a user provide to WhatsApp. Thus, allows social giant to target advertisements. Facebook would also be able to use contact number on your WhatsApp account to suggest friends. Tracking whether the user has both WhatsApp and the main Facebook app on their phone.

Note that you can also opt out of this new change, if you don’t want any messages from businesses to pop up on your WhatsApp. All you have to do is just tap on read when the new policy changes window prompt. Then, uncheck the box which states that you agree to share your WhatsApp information with Facebook. If somehow you missed this prompt window, you can head over to the Settings> Account and then uncheck the box in front of share my account info.


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