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PULS Smartwatch With 3G Mirrored SIM Announced by – Details



PULS Smartwatch

While most of the wearable technology enthusiast have heard that there are unusual products seen in this space. But this time the unusual thing to note is the creator. Almost a Decade ago, Dr. Dre, the famous rapper has introduced an extremely impressive line of headphones via his company called Beats Headphones. Following the path of Music artist turned Inventor; the Black Eyed Peas frontman has announced his new wearable device and company in a Dreamforce keynote today.

The artist first talked about launching a wearable device in a British talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man in April 2014, as well as preview the functional prototype, not one but two. He states that it is not a smartwatch; it is more like a fashionable cuff that can do all sorts of thing that your smartphone offers.

PULS Smartwatch

The device called PULS, is much more than a watch, it’s a wearable that has watch in it. But also has a GPS map system, a music player, fitness tracker to track your steps, weight and calories burned. That’s not it; the device boasts the social network features like posting directly to Facebook, Twitter, as well as can use contacts to call or either text, all without the need of your phone.

The specs are somewhat different in this wearable than usual ones, as it allows users to mirror the SIM card on their smartwatch, using the same number to call or text. The device is developed and released by the Grammy winning, Mr, under a company called brand, which has a team of 35 engineers and almost took three years to build it.

It boasts a 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, as well as it also has GSM 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a Pedometer and accelerator. The battery is part of the strap along with a speaker built inside it. The artist touts the Aneeda (pronounced; I Need a..) feature in his new wearable, as it would be your voice assistant just like Siri. The feature is powered by Nuance, which is a leader in the speech and imaging applications market. The device also ships with a set of apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Salesforce.

PULS Smartwatch - Gold with Diamonds The PULS comes in four different color options, Clack, White, Blue and Pink. Moreover, there are high-end versions like gold and gold with diamonds available too. While it is not a smartwatch, as specified by, he says that music is baked into the operating system. You can easily add songs by commanding Aneeda where to place a song.

To make it much weirder, the device comes with an app called Vibe, which can determine your mood, as it has emotion detector installed on it. Other pre-installed apps include ESRI, which allows you to view full GIS element, and Humin app, which means you can exchange contacts information just by knocking cuffs together.

There is no information on when you will be actually able to buy the PULS or how much you would have to shell out for this smart fashionable cuff. The device will be offered exclusively with carrier partner At&T in the US and O2 in the UK. Though, the expected time was in 2015, as the Humin app will be available for the watch sometime next year only.


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