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PQI My Lockey brings FIDO Certified Fingerprint ID Security on your Windows 10 Computer



Apple had finally upgraded its Macbook Pro lineup by launching the new Macbook 13 and Macbook 15. While many criticized adding the Touch Bar as a gimmicky feature, the Touch Bar is one nice addition that makes the usage of this new MacBook Pro’s even easier. Apart from logging, it also supports Apple Pay for one-touch payments. Coming to the Windows powered Laptops, there is no feature to make secure one-touch payments, but there are ways for making login process much simpler. The latest Windows 10 brought the biometric authentication support using the Windows Hello feature. The Windows Hello uses the face or fingerprint recognition technology to directly login.

Not all the laptops come with IRIS sensing cameras or fingerprint sensor to make use of Windows Hello feature. But with the newly launched accessory called as PQI My Lockey, years old laptop or a PC running on the latest Windows 10 OS can be made secured with the fingerprint sensor. According to the company, now most of the users are using a long alphanumeric password to protect their accounts from hacking. While few users change the passwords regularly to protect their accounts, not all of them remember the long passwords for every account. But using the My Lockey USB dongle, the user can replace the alphanumeric password with their own biometric identification which is unique and also cannot be duplicated.

The company also claim this sensor to be world fastest fingerprint ID Encryption Security that can unlock in just 0.15 seconds. It also comes with FIDO certified making it even more secure and compatible with most services. As of now, most of the newly launched smartphones are featuring the fingerprint sensor, and in future, we can expect even more functionalities out of this fingerprint sensors. The My Lockey dongle can detect the fingerprint using from any direction. Compared to the optic sensors used in the old-gen laptops, the capacitive touch sensor used in this device can be more accurate and responsive. It supports up to 10 ID’s where the user can assign one ID for each account or else multiple fingerprint ids for a single account.

With the AI biological detection, breath-sensing and high precision algorithm; the My Lockey USB dongle can detect between the original and forged fingerprints. However, it takes out one USB 2.0 port and features a LED light for knowing the status of the sensor. It works with both Microsoft Windows 10 Home and Pro versions and includes one year of manufacturer’s warranty. Now the latest smartphones are even using the ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, where the physical sensors can be placed behind the metal or glass. These ultrasonic sensors can give better accuracy than the capacitive sensors with the three-dimensional tracking.



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