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Pokemon Go update brings Grass, Driving Warning, Change Nicknames – Download APK



Pokemon Go received an update which adds a couple of new features to the existing game. If you don’t know what Pokemon Go is then, well, you missed out a lot. It is an AR based game which makes use of your camera, GPS, etc. and shows you Pokemon in real time. It’s a fun game, and literally, the whole world is going crazy for it. With the launch of this game, the sales of battery packs have gone up 101 percent in just two weeks. As mentioned earlier, the game has received an update, and it adds a bunch of new features.

Talking about the changes, the one major change is that, now the game will pop-up a warning when you’re moving at a certain speed. It will indicate that you are in a car. It will still be playable, but the user has to confirm that he/she is not the driver. Another thing to notice here is, Bonus for nice, great and excellent Poké Ball throws and also the accuracy of the curveball throw is improved.

Also if you have a poor nickname, and you want to change it right away, then you will be able to do so now but only once. So make sure you are selecting one wisely. Other visual changes include actual images of the three China leaders which were silhouetted previously. The update also fixes various bugs and improvise the game.

There is also a new “nearby Pokémon” feature, but it is not included in this update. It is still being tested out and is expected to come along with the next update. Meanwhile, the game is still not available in most of the cities in India, and we don’t have any confirmation on its release date. But it is expected to launch very soon in the country. If you are already playing it, then check out our tips and tricks to play the game. Check out the complete list of change logs and the APK download link for more details on this.


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