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Pokemon Go may Never Launch in India, thanks to the recent Petition in the Gujarat High Court



Well, after the recent petition filed in Gujarat High Court the chances of Pokemon Go launching in India is shrinking day by day. This won’t be good news for all the Pokemon Go fans across the country since they have been waiting for the official launch of the game from quite a time now. Although many have found different ways to play this game in India, there won’t be the any updates and also won’t find all the feature that is present on the official version.

Pokemon Go is getting more criticism and thanks to the gist of a petition which is also known as “public interest litigation.” Or PIL filed in the Gujarat High Court. This petition is against Pokemon Go and seeks to ban in the country. According to the story citing the petition claims that the game is displaying egg in the house of worship which is designed to be pokestops. In India this is offensive to religious beliefs and that game could be used by the CIA to create maps of places otherwise unmappable by Google.

There are reports that the privacy is also being lost at the homes since many are visiting the place to catch a Pokemon. Moreover the petitioner, Alay Anil Dave is the son of the Supreme Court Justice Anil Dave and also the brother of Nachiket Dave, who is the lawyer arguing this case.

With all these agitations there is a very tender chance of this game getting official in India which could be one of the bigger markets. Niantic has to think something out of the box to make sure they won’t face any problems in the future if they are planning to release this game in India.

Recently Niantic has also released their Pokemon Go Plus device that they have been working from a year. This will eventually reduce the crashes that the Pokemon Go players have been facing by looking into the screen. What do you think, will the game come to India? Are you a Pokemon fan too? Do comment in the section below to share your thoughts.


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