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Virtual Reality

Pocket VR, Flip 360 Phone Case & Orbit 360° Base helps you Capture Spherical Panoramas



Virtual Reality as a technology is evolving slowly. We now have some professional grade headsets which can be used to experience the VR. And when you talk about the producing a VR content like a 360-degree video or something similar to that, we need something more than just an ordinary camera. Your smartphone camera is good for quality, but it is not capable of recording a VR content. Yes, you can shoot a 360-degree panorama shot, but it is often cluttered and suffers from stitching issues.

But now it looks like we might actually some solution to this issue. Orbit 360 is here and it has a way better solution for this issue. We are essentially looking at three different products which will ultimately solve all the issues. The first product here is the orbit 360 as we mentioned. This is essentially a base to rest your smartphone. This particular base is controlled via Bluetooth. So what this allows is, take perfect spherical panoramas on your smartphones. It can record flawlessly in 360-degrees and it has other features like tripod mounting ability, etc.


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Next up is Flip 360. This is basically a case for your smartphone with an inbuilt VR Headset. So there is not need to bring a separate VR Headset to view the excellent videos which you are capturing. It has a nice design which can be perfectly used a daily case without any issue. Just press the two release button and your VR headset will pop out. And as mentioned, this case is rugged and will protect both the headset and the smartphone. This cases are available for iPhone 6, 6s and they will be made for the iPhone 7 as well.


Now the last one is the pocket 360. This is even compact viewer when compared to the Flip 360. It has a folding front panel and carry case. Your big adventures are now pocket-sized. So if you don’t like to use a case, then this is what you should be using instead of that. It is compact and can be used anywhere and anytime.


You can check out the Kickstarter page of this product for more detailed info on them. As far as pricing is concerned, you can get the Orbit 360, Flip 360 and the Pocket 360 for as low as $80, $20 and$7 if you are one of the early birds to grab them. And since this project has already achieved the pledged goal of $20,000; you don’t have to worry about any delivery issues. etc. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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