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Play YouTube Videos on Background with New Chrome Beta 54 for Android



One of the best features which users will get once you subscribe to YouTune Red is Background playback of YouTube videos. Although it is not a deal breaker if you don’t have the feature, but it is always nice to have a feature like that. But now it looks like things are going to change with the new Chrome beta update. With this new update, users will now be able to play videos in the background from any website and that includes YouTube as well.

This is a new update for Chrome beta and it is listed as the Chrome beta 54. Once you are updated, if you are playing a video in any particular tab and switch to some other tab or minimise the app, the video playback will not stop. Instead, you will now see a little notification showing the video you were watching. Interesting little feature right? It’s a small update but still a much-needed feature. According to the update, if you leave the tab, the video will pause automatically so that it won’t bother you if you don’t need it. You can simply go to notifications and tap the play button to resume the playback. However, audio will continue to play without getting paused when you leave the tab.

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We are not sure why this feature is rolled out now since it is a paid feature in YouTube Red. Note that you cannot this feature exclusively in YouTube Red, but it comes as a feature for the total fees you are paying for the subscription. It technically doesn’t make any sense after all. It is being reported that this feature will be taken down soon. So you can enjoy now as long as you want now since we are sure that this will be blocked soon in near future. Stay tuned for more details on this.


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