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Picbot Smartphone Mount with Self Rotating Facial Tracking & helps shoot 360 degree Panorama



Kickstarter is one of the best platforms where a ton of new technology implementation comes to life. We saw some of the best product come to life here at Kickstarter and still are continuing to see more of them. On the same lines, recently we reported about a product capable of capturing 360-degree videos, etc. on the go. And now we have yet another device which does something similar. Meet the new Picbot, an automated motorized picture, and video bot.

What essentially this product does is, it is a smartphone mount that helps you capture the moment with facial tracking, automated videos, and pictures. It can also contribute to shooting time-lapse and panoramas. This device can take your smartphone photography and videography to the next level. The Picbot will help you utilize these improvements by capturing the moment. It can be used an alternative to selfie sticks and other mainstream products for the smartphone recording landscape.

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This motorized mount can be controlled by the software when connected to Picbot’s app on a smartphone. This will allow users to access many great functions to create using your smartphone’s camera. Some of the features like the Auto tracking and facial tracking technology eliminates the need to be static when recording videos which bring a new dimension while being hands-free. It allows for a more natural interaction when engaging with the smartphones when recording the subject or any particular scene.

And the best part is, there is no need for a camera controller or something like that to take control of this device. It’s just you and what you are trying to create. As far as the pricing is concerned, some of the super early birds will be getting it for as low as $75 or if in case you miss out the opportunity, then you can grab them for $99. You can check out the product’s official Kickstarter page for more details on this if in case you want to learn more about it.


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