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PhoneRadar Turns 2 – We Announce our New हिन्दी Website



On September 1st, 2014 we had announced PhoneRadar with a tiny team, following which we have seen many few people joining our team & sharing their expertise. We are now a ten people team and are slowly expanding. Let us look into what we have achieved in the last one year.

Over the last few months, we have been growing not just in terms of the reach but also regarding the coverage where we have been covering more and more exclusive stories. We now have a dedicated team that works on ensuring that our Phone Finder is complete with no errors & wrong information. The database that had around 5000 phones last year, now has 8,975 devices that include Smartphones & Tablets. We are growing step by step & need your support in helping us & reach more readers. The following graph is just for a small representation on the growth & the pace motivates our team to work.

Along with this, the biggest support has been from our readers who keep sending us with tips, information on software updates when they receive on their phones & also sharing the stories. Moving on to the announcement we are making today which is about a new section. We are announcing the PhoneRadar Hindi website that caters to all the users who have been looking forward to the latest Technology News in Hindi. Do make a note that this is the Beta version & there could be a few errors that you could report us.

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