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by Amit Bhawani 17

Droidcon India 2014 Event

Droidcon India is India’s largest developer conference, and this event has been going on since a few years now. The Droidcon event happens around the world, in places such as London, Paris, Berlin, Netherlands, Tunis, Ankara and Brussels. And in India, it is Bangalore where it has been happening since 2011.

The event this year will be held on December 5th and 6th, and the venue is MLR Convention Centre, JP Nagar, Bangalore. If you are someone who is being introduced to Droidcon for the first time, it is a very interesting and informative event for those into Android development. This year’s Droidcon event is going to give a deep dive into UI/UX, Data sync and versioning, App Demos and hardware.

Some of the sessions include:

  • One small tap for mankind: Exploring NFC and Host Card Emulation. – Arnav Gupta
  • Intel-sponsored Workshop – Cross Platform Tools to Grow your Market Reach.
  • New Material Design Patterns – Soham Mondal
  • Apps for your wrists and eyes – ( Demo on Google Glass along with app development on Android Wear) – Kashi Vishwanath
  • Leveraging BLE beacons for proximity & positioning – Shreyas B.
  • Mobile Deep Linking – Ramu K.C.
  • okulus: Image effects to make your apps stand out – Vinay S. Shenoy
  • What does it take to build an app like Freecharge? – Raghuram Trikutam
  • Android: Building for India. Gearing for 100 Million Users. – Paresh Goel
  • Scaling Open Source – Abishek Devkota
  • Abstract UI Concepts – Sriram Ramani
  • App Testing, CI and Automation – Sukesh Soman
  • Hacking through the Android source code. – Arnav Gupta
  • Triggering with jerks and falls. – Chinmayi
  • Delightful User Experience – Anusha Jayanti

There is a Microsoft-sponsored workshop as well on the second day of the conference.

While the tickets cost Rs. 4000 for a regular pass, you can take single-day passes as well, based on the sessions you wanted to attend. The cost for a single day pass is Rs. 2200.

Discount Passes:
PhoneRadar Readers are going to get a special discount of Rs. 800 on the regular pass, which makes the total cost to Rs. 3200. You just need to comment below or contact us, and we will send a promo code. You can also meet us at the event where we would be doing the live blogging and coverage of the same.

Funnel (to check out submitted proposals this year): Link
Tickets: Link

Amit Bhawani


Amit Bhawani is a Professional Blogger & Founder of PhoneRadar, Android Advices & Gizmo Report. He has received various awards like the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award & Samsung Mobilers Award. He covers more on the subject of value of mobile phones to consumers and gives insights to mobile buyers helping them to buy the right device.

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    That’s an amazing opportunity.. Many congratulations PhoneRadar.. Bangalore is far away from where I live.. will have to apply for leave at my office.. really want to come if my leave gets approved.. may I have the promo code.? Also, is there going to be live streaming of it, in case we couldn’t make it?

    • Hey, we would be live blogging the event and guess there won’t be any live web cast for the same. Just email us at and we will be sending the promo code if you are planning to join the event.


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        Thats great, thanks for keeping us updated!

  • Well i am very excited to know that you are now official a part of droid con you guyz are advancing day by day which seems to be very good and is very important . it takes around 4years for you guyz to rise up and show others that you are also in this race and can do better than others and can make difference as i think you are on second position in india and can beat others just in few days … Your readers are day by day increasing rapidly as you guyz provide the best from the part . hence you are doing amazing . I wanna know one thing that are you guyz taking your camera with you in this as i cant able to join it so i thought you can upload a video of thus whole event on your blog so that others who are not able to join this can also watch..

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    Ok thanks a lot.. and congrats again.

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