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PhoneRadar Design Refresh 2017 – Cleaner, Faster & Secured



PhoneRadar New Design 2017

Last year, when PhoneRadar turned 2 years old we mentioned about a few additions to this website that included a discussion board & a Hindi section. Eventually, after a few months of working on it, we realized that our strength is the Exclusive News Coverage, Finding Breaking News first and sharing with our readers. Hence, as a follow up of the same we have now removed the Discussion Board that we realized isn’t something that works great in 2017 considering that users do not have the patience to wait for responses and opt for Social Media.

Along with this, we have spent a considerable amount of money, resources and time on our Phone Finder Tool only to find that at the end it was one of the features that needed a lot of resources, while it filled the site with pages that don’t matter. We had over 12800 phones listed in our database that we are now removing to ensure the blog is completely clean and gives you access to the content that matters.

We are also redesigning the blog with a bolder interface that includes just 2 ad units giving importance to the area that you love to read. As usual, we prefer cleaner interface, the lowest number of ads and priority at the time of page loading, hence you should be noticing that our new design is faster & running from a brand new server.

Regarding the Important Changes, you would notice that we have a lot of relevant content now showing up after the posts that can help you read more information about the mentioned topic. At the same time, we also have a trending section that gives you a list of the top news for the last seven days. Do make a note that the blog is now on https that’s secured as well as is in line with the Google’s Requirements.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think about this new design and if you have suggestions around the same, do share them with us & we will implement them if required. Stay tuned on PhoneRadar for the breaking news coverage around technology & Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the Daily News PhoneRadar Report.

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