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What is Special at PhoneRadar?

PhoneRadar shows a rating to a mobile phone or a tablet based on a algorithm which is made with months of hard work and years of experience from not just our team but experts in the industry who helped us build the right score. The PhoneRadar Phone Ratings [PRPP] not only counts in the Specifications of a Product but also the price, software version and few other elements and the algorithm is being updated on a regular basis.

If a phone is powered by excellent latest hardware both internally and externally, that is not enough to give the top score, because the other factors such as software and user experience are also taken into consideration, and if the phone doesn’t have the latest OS and interface which could have given a better user experience, then the the device’s score is going to get lower with a penalty. In the hardware, the screen size is not the only factor because it is important to note whats the PPI, whats the type of display and many more factors are taken into the account while putting out a final score.

Phone Finder: This is a very important section of the website, where you get to find the best phone from any brand and filter out the results based on your need – Brand, screen size, OS, processor, RAM, price and a few others. It gives you an option to find the devices based on any particular specification, for example, if you wanted phones with screen size over 5-inch and have a 13-megapixel camera, that is easily available from there.

Phone Finder

Phone Compare: PhoneRadar has a full detailed comparison page where two phones are compared not just by specifications but based on the detailed analysis that is done by the PhoneRadar Phone Rating algorithm, as well as the pros and cons for each device, making it easier to come up with a conclusion about the phone to purchase.

Phone Compare

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