Phone Radar Weekly Giveaway – Win a UMI Super Smartphone

by PhoneRadar Bureau 28

UMI SUPER Giveaway

Smartphones are evolving & every week we see a new Smartphone being launched that comes with some unique features, all of which cost a lot of money. This week are not just going to do a Giveaway of a Smartphone but also going to share a coupon that could help you save some money when buying the phone.

We are talking about the UMI Super Smartphone, that comes with a 4GB of RAM, 13MP Camera & a large 4000 mAh Battery. This is a phone that’s coming with some amazing hardware, dubbed with the Android 6.0 software packaged in a beautiful body. The phone is retailing at $249.99 but to the readers of PhoneRadar, we have a special code for the first 10 users who would get this phone at just $179.99 which is a $70 discount. Find the complete process of the Discount & Phone Details here.

In order to Win this Smartphone, you will have to go through the following steps.

PhoneRadar Week #5 Smart Phone Giveaway

UMi Super | My first 4GB Flagship killer
Mediatek flagship-grade CPU – Helio P10
Panasonic® 13MP Camera
SONY® 4000mAh, PE+ Quick Charge
SHARP® 2.5D Sunlight screen 5.5inch
Google® Android 6.0

Note: To get started you need to remember that the giveaway will start Every Monday & end on Sunday. We are the most active on Twitter @PhoneRadarBlog hence, you need to follow there to know more about the upcoming Announcements & winner names.

  • Pulkit Jain

    Damn ,When you gave us hint,all of us got it wrong.
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