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PhoneRadar Giveaway – Win Two UMI Plus Smartphones



Umi Plus Smartphone Giveaway

After a series of giveaway’s where we gave away fitness bands, gizmos and dozens of Smartphones we are back with another Smartphone Giveaway. A twist this time is that you not just win a phone but also win another one for a friend. So technically you are winning two phones, hence get ready to put in double the effort & also invite a friend to the giveaway who might help you win 1.

We will be announcing 1 Winner at the end of this Giveaway where a friend he had suggested would also be winning a Smartphone & the prize is the UMI Plus Smartphone. The Smartphone that’s not just beautiful but also powerful and available at a very budget pricing. Again, we do not stop you from buying one if you are impatient and you can always spend a little amount of money and get your hands on this device.

To get started, you will have to go through the widget & go through the following steps inviting your friends, tweeting the articles & above all being the most active during this giveaway duration.

2 X UMI Plus Smartphone Giveaway

Do make a note that we have been giving away many prizes regularly and you need to give your best to win them.


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