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Periscope Video on OnePlus 3 Vs Xiaomi Mi5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 – Heating & Quality



When a smartphone launches, we usually cover its first impressions and then the detailed reviews. But with OnePlus, who has launched their third flagship this year, the OnePlus 3, we wanted to do some unique tests on the device comparing it with competitors in the market right now. Thus, you may have seen our recent posts about OnePlus 3 smartphone that tests how 6GB RAM affects the performance during 4K Video recording and editing on the go.

Today, we bring you the video on OnePlus 3 and its competition, Xiaomi Mi 5 and Samsung Galaxy S7. Where we test whether these devices have any heating issues that you need to be aware of. For that, we prepared a test, where we fired up the live video app Periscope from three different accounts. As most of you might have known since we tweeted about it from our official Twitter profile.

Live videographing the content from the smartphone takes a lot of toll on the processor and camera of the device. What better way to test the heating issues on a device than doing a Live Periscope, right! So, that’s what we did.

Why are we doing a live periscope to determine heating on these flagship devices? Well, not many might use this app, but the whole purpose of this test is to check how much the devices heat up during the social media usage. You might be a Snapchat user or Facebook live user or just want to record a video and post it to Instagram. All these things require processor and camera simultaneously work together.

Doing this test would also be more conclusive than those detailed heat mapping tests. Why a basic consumer would want to read that, they just want to know whether they can use their favorite apps on a smartphone. This will be a smart and small guide for you to get the idea of deciding which smartphone should be your next device.


We found out that on the front part, OnePlus 3 heated up to 46 Degrees while the Xiaomi Mi 5 was dabbling around 43. The Samsung Galaxy S7 seemed to be the coolest of all at 41 degrees. While talking about the heating on the rear part where the processor and camera lies, the OnePlus 3 was among the highest with 44-degree rating at one instant of time. Whereas the Xiaomi Mi 5 seemed to be around 42 degrees. The coolest on the rear as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 around 40 degrees. This concludes that OnePlus 3 isn’t as cool as it being touted as, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the clear winner here.

This concludes that OnePlus 3 isn’t as cool as it being touted as, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the clear winner here.


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