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Pebble Gets Updated to Firmware Version 2.5 – Changelog & Details



Pebble Updated to 2.5 Version

Are you a Pebble user? Then, there is a good news for you, one of the first successfully crowdfunded campaigns on Kickstarter has released the new firmware update, which jumps the system to 2.5. The update comes after a well demanded feature of emoji was missing on Pebble watches. This new update is rolling out to both Pebble watches, the regular model and the newer Pebble Steel.

This is a major update to the system, as it includes the support of displaying emoji, so now rather than having a little square or white boxes appears when someone uses a happy face in a text message. It also includes the latest iOS 8 compatibility, allowing watch to display actionable notification as well as allow users to dismiss notifications from their wrists.

Pebble Updated to 2.5 Version

Though, that’s not it, as company has also activate the magnetometer, therefore allowing developers to make full use of the Open SDK, which company provides since the Pebble Steel came into existence. To know what Pebble Steel can do now, you can install the Compass app by Pebble or Discover local points of interests, or head to your destination.

Updating your Pebble watch to latest 2.5 version is easy, you just need to open the already installed Pebble app on your iOS or Android device. Then, select support, there you will see an option to update the firmware of your watch.

There’s a surprise for Pebble Watch face lovers, as the DOMO Watchface is back on the Pebble Appstore, with some great new features. It now supports various animations which can be trigger by pressing UP and Down. Other interesting additions are DOMO’s angry face, which can be trigger by shaking the watch, while the Domo will also get drowsy and then fall asleep at nighttime. You can also set your location, and when it’s hot outside, he will sweat.

If you haven’t updated your Pebble watch with this latest update, trust us, you are missing out on so much fun and exploration. Get it now!

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