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Pebble Time Steel now Available on Kickstarter at $250



Pebble Time Steel

Update: On a surprising note, Pebble has already revealed a new version of its Pebble Time, which is basically a steel variant. The Pebble Time Steel is up for grab on Kickstarter at exclusive pricing of $250. Pebble Time Steel might be the steel smartwatch you always dreamed about, after introducing an all new design and OS with Pebble Time just last week, company has already launched the steel variant of the Pebble Time.

Pebble Time Steel

The early birds can pre-order their Time Steel for $250 while its retail value would be at $299. You can find the same e-paper display with new timeline interface that was introduced on Pebble Time. As well as it would have the same battery rating of up to 10 days.

Get it here: Kickstarter

Earlier Feb,24,2015,22:07 : We all wake up to a new surprise announcement from Pebble, a company which raised record breaking 10.3$ on Kickstarter in 2012 for its first smartwatch, which was then followed by the $199 Pebble Steel. Now company has returned to Kickstarter to fund its third smartwatch, which is called the Pebble Time. It looks like company likes obvious naming system.

Pebble Time

This time backers didn’t wait much longer, as their $500,000 goal has been already reached, and if we go with current funding, the new Pebble Time has already crossed a $2 million mark within an hour of releasing the campaign on Kickstarter.

The new watch comes at limited price tag of $159, which is only valid for the first 5000 backers, and if you missed that que, then you will have to spend $20 bucks extra to get a kickstarter Edition Pebble Time. The $179 spot is only available for 20,000 backers. The Pebble Time is supposed to go on sale in retail with a price tag of $199.

The primary new functionality on the watch is color screen, as well as a new timeline technique, which will streamline the notifications. Meaning, now there will be a single feed area where you will all the notifications from every app installed on your Pebble Time.

The battery on new watch is optimized for seven days’s, all thanks to the e-paper display technology used on it. The device is supported on iOS and Android. While Apple and Android Wear watches are still struggling to provide great usuability and battery life combination, Pebble is still watch that would be preferred by smartwatch enthusiasts.

Get Yours Here: Kickstarter


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