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Patent suggests Next iPhone will Capture a thief’s Fingerprint & Photo when Stolen



Apple‘s measures against the iPhone theft are currently limited to ‘Find My iPhone’ and ‘Encryption’ method. These are not bad by any means, but now apparently the company is planning to implement something new to make sure necessary actions are taken against such cases. The Cupertino-based company filed a new patent application recently for the same.

This new patent claims the method of capturing biometric information for identifying unauthorised users. This includes the Fingerprint, video as well as the audio. According to the reports, this information could be stored or send to a secured server, which can later be used by the police to find the culprit. So the way this works is quite simple. The Touch ID sensor, camera and the microphone that are necessary for recording this essential information are already there on your smartphone.

Now the only thing to make sure here is that all these are triggered at the right time together. Also, the same has to be done without alerting the thief of course. But, considering the fact that Touch ID takes a couple of attempts to register your fingerprint as it asks to place the finger in multiple angles, it is quite difficult to assume how it would register the thief’s fingerprint.

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Apart from these three, other forensic information like the GPS location etc. can also be tracked. But doing all this only means that the company will be playing with a person’s privacy. And Apple definitely knows how bad it can be, to play around with people by storing personal data like this. So, the chances of this becoming a reality are quite less, as this patent is yet to be approved by the USPTO. So let’s see how Apple is going to implement this. Stay tuned for more info on this as we will update once we have more info on this.


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