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New Patent hints an S Pen with an in-built Speaker for the Galaxy Note Smartphone



A new patent has bee discovered that suggests the company is looking to launch a new version of the S Pen. And this time, we are talking some serious changes with this S Pen. As you already know that the current S Pen which comes with the Note 7 smartphone has minor changes when compared to the previous versions. And there hasn’t been many drastic changes in terms of the functionality from the original Note which came a couple of years back. Well, this might be just the right time for a change.

The idea of having a speaker is not insane and it is very much possible and that’s exactly what the patent shows us. It also has a potential to replace the speaker grill near that. So basically when the Pen is docked, the sound would travel through the pen and exit via the speaker at the top. And naturally, when the pen is in use, the sound would travel through the gap which is left by the absence of the pen. The whole idea feels clumsy right now, but it is indeed a good idea and it would do greater good if implemented properly. Also, the patent was filed back in March of this year and could feasibly be utilized with the successor i.e. the Galaxy Note 8.

And now is the best time for the company to come up with some new ideas around the Note devices. They definitely have to do something new in order to keep things moving which otherwise will throw away the people’s interests off the device. Not yes, not to forget about the whole recall issue that they had to put up with. With that being said, this idea is in the form of a patent and we are not sure if the company will be implementing this anytime soon. So we just have to wait and see what we get here in the future.


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