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Oru Watch is the first Dual Display Smartwatch Powered by Android – Details



Oru Watch

All the Smartwatches unveiled this year, may have been designed with a single display and would not have been providing a lot of batteries, whether it’s powered by Android Wear, Samsung’s Tizen OS or any other custom built OS from small firms. Though, it is interesting to note that this new watch will be running on Android Kitkat OS. A watched goes by name as Oru Watch, has appeared on the crowd funding platform, which will be sporting all the features one would want on their smartwatch – seems too good to be true.

The unbelievable Oru Watch will be coming with a dual display, where one would be a high-resolution TFT touch screen display. While on the other side, the display can be switched to an always on E-paper display. Moreover, it also comes with an inbuilt power bank feature, which can juice up your phone giving it at least 2 hours of battery.

Oru Watch

The TFT touchscreen display is 1.54-inch and has 240 x 240 pixels of resolution while the E-paper display has 144 x 168 pixels of resolution with the same size. It will have a 4GB of internal storage and will be running on 800 MHz Single core processor with 512MB of RAM support. For connectivity, it touts the low energy Bluetooth connection as well as NFC connectivity.

With the all the features of a basic smartwatch like heart rate/sleep monitor and notifications alerts, this wearable tech boasts incredible set of features like water resistance rating of 5 ATM, which means you can even wear it while swimming up to 50m deep. Company claims that with the combination of 300mAh battery, and 400mAh battery stuffed inside the silicon strap can give more than thirty days of battery life on E-paper display, while with TFT display it can give five days battery life.


Only one display will be working at a time, which can be switched by rotating the dial inside out. Currently, the device will not be supporting the Blackberry and Windows Phones, as company planning to develop their OS, which is a too stretch goal for a small firm like this, considering it even get successfully funded and overreaching its goal too. The device will be supporting up to ten languages for now including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic.

Oru Watch - Six Colors

Well, if that’s not enough, the company also plans to give you 1-year full replacement warranty, while shipping amount will be paid by company only. While we said this all looks too good to be true, it can just easily be a vision of the company to provide the impossible that even the big brands like Samsung, LG, Motorola or even Apple couldn’t provide on its recently announced Apple Watch.

Consumers can get this watch for as low as $150 as an early birds backer on the Indiegogo campaign, which will then retail for $350 after the device gets launched into the market. Company plans to ship the devices to the pledgers in March next year.


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