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Oppo’s Hyper Boost Smartphone Acceleration Technology Unveiled



Oppo Mobiles has come up with a new system-level performance boost engine which it has been working from more than a year now. Just before the launch of the latest K1 smartphone, the company has teased its mobile acceleration technology which will be an attempt to take on the GPU Turbo of Huawei. This new Hyper Boost mobile acceleration technology has been unveiled in Shanghai, China officially and it will be available for Oppo R17 and R17 Pro smartphones initially and will be followed by other models later.

This technology is meant to provide an improved system performance that includes gaming and other application performances. The company also says that this promises improvements to the smartphone’s performance as well as power consumption by optimizing system level resources. Hyper boost works by enabling the real-time “two-way dialogs” between the applications and system resources. Hyper boost has also introduced a new Behaviour Aware Scheduling (BAS) function which adjusts the frequency of the hardware in 0.2 milliseconds which is way waster than Androids Linux kernel at 20 milliseconds.

This also provides feedback to the hardware platform vendors about the performances. To boost the gaming, Oppo has joined hands with Netease, Tencent, and few other gaming engines to optimize the top 100 mobile games. The application performances enhancement will optimize the applications like Taobao, QQ mobile and WeChat. Oppo claims it has improved by 29.8 percent in the fluidity of the incoming as well as outgoing WeChat messages and smoothness and scrolling of the application has been increased by 19.9 percent. The GIF’s will now run 35.9 percent faster and fluidity of the unread chats have shouted up to 23.5 percent.

The system engine will provide over 50 solutions for optimizing the utilization over Qualcomm and MediaTek platforms. This ensures a smooth and stable experience in all the scenario and helps in the applications to achieve up to 31.91 percent shorter loading time. Furthermore, it is expected that this technology will be implemented on more models later and as of now R17 series will be coming fully equipped with the Hyper Boost technology. We are pretty much excited to test this new technology and see how it challenges Huawei’s Turbo. Share your views on the same and comment in the section below. For more similar updates stay tuned to PhoneRadar.


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