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OPPO R9/F1 Plus Smartphone Bursts in China, Display Completely goes Dead



OPPO has seen a tremendous rise is 2016 along with its counterpart Vivo. Both these brands are placed on the top 5 list of largest smartphone manufacturers. The OPPO R9 & R9 Plus are first launched in the month of March in China. With the 16MP selfie camera along with metal body and other high-end specifications, there has been a huge craze in China for both the devices. Later the company launched the OPPO R9 as the OPPO F1 Plus in the international markets including India.

More than 1,00,000 units of OPPO R9 are sold in first seven hours after sales started and is said to reach 4,00,000 units in four days. Coming to India, the F1 Plus was launched as the successor to OPPO F1. Recently the company also launched the OPPO F1s with the same 16MP selfie camera and is priced at Rs. 17,990. With such a popularity of OPPO R9/F1 Plus; now we got shocking details of the handset from China.

The OPPO R9 is said to be exploded in China, and the user had posted the device images online. We hope there is no damaged done apart to the device. From the images, we expect the company’s patented VOOC Flash Charge might cause the blast as the display came apart from the frame at the bottom and the charging port is all damaged. Even the metal back panel is dismantled at the rear antenna band strip.

OPPO China has commented on the post asking for more details about the incident and we will update once there is complete information.  Stay tuned on phoneradar!

Update: OPPO has taken to keep up with the issue

On 20th August 2016, OPPO became aware of a Weibo user sharing pictures of an OPPO R9 that had apparently ignited. The post led to some subsequent reports online. OPPO Electronics Corp on their behalf contacted the concerned user in Guangzhou and had engineers examine the device. While the investigation is still in place, there are news reports on the internet one such from your end that have highlighted the mishap. The engineers during their investigation have come to the conclusion that the device had been subjected to a strong external force that had caused it to deform.

The device had experienced extraordinary pressure on the battery, and the ensuing damage caused to it ignite. Before this damage was caused, there had been no flaws or quality issues with the battery, and under circumstances of ordinary use, no ignition would have occurred. OPPO has already found an appropriate solution to this issue, for which we will keep you updated.

After this incident, we have seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bursting following by a OnePlus One Smartphone burst in India.


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