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Oppo R7 Plus Camera Review



Oppo has some of the best camera phones available in the market right now. It all started with their N-Series handsets, which introduced the swivel camera to the world. There R Series of handsets also incorporated some of the amazing camera setups. The recently launched R7 Plus is also a camera phone that you should look out for. We have been using the device as our daily driver for almost a month now, and you can read our detailed review of the device.

The device packs 13-megapixel Sony IMX278 sensor on the back of the device. The lens used on the rear camera module has an aperture number of f/2.2, which is not exactly a big lens. It is also accompanied by a dual LED Flash and a Laser-aided focus.

The camera app on the R7 Plus offers Laden of modes while you won’t use all of them, but I’m sure you’ll definitely like Ultra HD, GIF, and Audio Photo. The Ultra HD mode allows you to capture photos in 5824 x 4368 resolutions, which is larger than usual 13-megapixel resolution output of 4160 x 3120. All thanks to Oppo’s software enhancements.

The Low Light captures were pretty impressive if we take the other 13-megapixel module enabled smartphones in the market right now. The lens is not large, but again software enhancements have done the trick. Though, once you step into to darker conditions, the details of capture takes a miss. Then, only HDR mode would save you the trouble, but only if few shots, don’t expect them to be perfectly detailed.

Oppo R7 Plus - Panorama

GIFs are a great way to express small live moments; one of the modes on R7 Plus is GIFs. If you like to share GIFs, this is an ultimate mode for. Take the device and start capturing GIFs. We captured a lot of GIFs during our short trip to Goa. And what came out as a result was pretty impressive.

Talking about the front facing camera, we were able to capture some amazing shots with the 8-megapixels selfie cam on the device. The wide-angle lens on the font are as advertised and we thought taking a group selfie with this camera is good idea. But I caution you that since the device is 6-inch in size, you might have some issues handling the device.

You know there are downloadable modes available from inside the camera app. Such as RAW Mode, Super Macro, Double Exposure, Slow Shutter and Expert mode. Below you can see camera samples of the Oppo R7 Plus in different Light Conditions and mode.

Natural Light Captures – Gallery

Low Light Captures – Gallery

Natural Light HDR Vs Non HDR Captures – Gallery

GIF Captures – Gallery


The 13-megapixel cameras aren’t that bad, especially what Oppo has achieved with it is astonishing. We hope more manufacturers focus in offering better software experience and enhancements. The front facing camera on R7 Plus was pretty incredible. Overall, the cameras are pretty much good in every light condition, except in dark areas where you might need the help of some light apart from Flash. Or a better idea would be to use HDR mode.


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