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Oppo Mirror 5 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



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Oppo has recently launched a new smartphone Mirror 5 priced at Rs 15,990. The device comes powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset and runs on Oxygen OS. It has 5-inch HD display with 960×540 pixels resolution. The device comes with a 2GB RAM and 16GB as its internal storage and has a micro SD card port where the memory of the device can be expanded up to 128GB. While speaking to the camera, the device comes with 8MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. If you have purchased this device then here are few tips and tricks that could guide you in exploring of your device.

How to insert a SIM in this device?

Oppo Mirror 5 SIM

Oppo Mirror 5 is a dual SIM smartphone and supports dual standby. As the device comes with a non-removable battery, the SIM ports are present on the upper side of a back panel. To insert a SIM on the device, switch off the device, and open the back panel carefully. Now insert the SIM card in their respective port’s and put back the cover. You can finally switch on your device.

What is the type of the SIM supported by the device?

The device comes with a combination of micro and nano SIM card ports. So, the SIM cards supported by the device are Micro and Nano SIM.

What is the RAM on the device when no apps are running?
Oppo Mirror 5 comes with 2GB RAM, and 1.3GB of RAM is available when no app is running on the instrument.

How much is the internal storage on the device?
The device comes with 16GB of internal storage, but only 9.15GB of space is available for the users. The rest of space is occupied the operating system.

How can we enable the app drawer on Oppo Mirror 5?
There is no such option where you can activate the app drawer on this device.

What are the pre-installed apps available on this device?
The device comes with lock now, Flies, O-cloud, security center, remote control and all the google related apps pre-installed.

What are tools available on the device?
Sound recorder, flashlight, compass, Download Manager, Kingsoft Office, System updates, FM Radio, Clear Memory are the pre-installed tools available on the device.

How to check for Android Updates?

To check for updates on your device, open the Settings, scroll down to system and tap on about phone. In the new window tap on system updates, the device checks for updates, and if there is no update on the device, then a message stating The current version is the latest version is displayed on the screen

Does the device support OTG transfer?
Yes, the device support the OTG transfer. To enable this on your Oppo Mirror 5, Open the setting, scroll down to system and tap on more. Further, in the newly opened list tap on OTG connection to enable it on your device. Now, connect your OTG drive access the files from your drive and you can move files from device to the drive.

What are the screen-on gestures available on this device?

Oppo Mirror 5 screen on gestures

Screen-on gestures help you to access the device when the screen is on with some quick gestures. The screen on gestures available on this device is Activate the camera with multi-finger, pinch close with multiple fingers to activate the camera. Gesture screenshot, you can capture a screenshot if you swipe three fingers from up to down and vice-versa. Double tap the Home key at any interface to lock the screen. Adjust volume with two fingers, helps you in adjusting the volume by swiping your two fingers up and down. A single handed operation, to access this you need to enable them by swiping your finger from right/left corner to the center of the screen. To enable all these gestures on your device, Open the settings and tap on gesture & motion. In the new list, enable the options that you want to access.

What are the screen-Off gestures available on the device?

Oppo Mirror 5 screen Off gestures

Screen-off gestures help you to use some of the custom gestures on the screen for quick operations. To enable this on your device open the settings, tap on gestures and motions. Now, tap on screen gestures and tap on the button to enable it. The screen off gestures available on the device is a double tap to wake up, draw O to start the camera and music control. Music control options include changing the music track and volume. You can add a screen-off gesture manually by setting it on your device. To use this, you need to tap on Add a screen-off gesture and select the gesture and the function to that gesture.

What is smart call feature and how to use it?

Smart call feature helps you to use the custom gestures and motion for a quick operation during a call. The smart call options available on the device are Easy daily, auto answer by motion, Switch the speaker by motions, flip to mute. Easy dial option helps in dialling the number on the contact or message screen when you place the device near your ear. Auto-answer by motion helps you to ans the call automatically when you keep the phone near your ear. Switch the speaker by motion, helps you to change from speaker to a receiver when you place the device near your ear. Flip to Mute helps to mute the incoming calls when you flip the device. To enable these options on your device, open the Settings, tap on gesture and motion, now click on smart call and enable the options that you want to use.

How to share your Data network on your device?
Sharing your data network for other devices is very straightforward. To share it on your device, open the Settings, click on More in wireless and networks. In the new list, tap on Personal Hotspot, and tap on the button to enable it on your device. You can also change the name and password by tapping on Name and password setting in the same window.

How to capture a screenshot on your device?

You can capture a screenshot by pressing the lock/power button along with volume down button. A screenshot can also be captured by using the smart gesture i,e., swipe the three fingers from up to down and vice-versa.

How to install an external apk on the device?

An external apk can be installed by enabling the unknown source option on your device. To enable this on your Mirror 5, open the settings, click on safety & privacy. Now tap on Unknown sources and click on the OK button to activate it. You can install unlimited apps without any interruption.

How to customize the quick settings in the Notification panel?

There is no such option available on the device where you can customize the notification panel.

How to use the power saving mode on the device?

Power saving mode helps in improving the battery life in case of emergency. To enable this on your device, Open the settings, head over to system and tap on battery and storage. Further, Tap on battery manager and select the type of power saving mode that you want to activate and enable it by tapping on it. Normal power saving mode and super power saving mode are the options available on this device. If you enable the super power saving mode, you will find only four options on your home screen phone, contacts, messages, and clock. All other options are disabled including your data network connection. If you want to get out from this mode, you need to tap on the ‘Exit super power-saving mode’ on the screen and click OK button to exit. You device would come to normal mode, and all the previous actions are resumed on the device.

Are there any LED notification lights on the device?

Oppo Mirror 5 Easy light

Yes, the device comes with LED notification lights you need. To enable this on your device, Open the settings, Tap on display and scroll down to System and tap on the Easy light. In the new list, enable the three LED notification options on your device.

How to use the screen pinning option on the device?

Though the device comes powered by Android Lollipop on it, there is no screen pinning option available on this device.

What are the benchmarking scores of this device?

After testing the device with different benchmarking tools here are their respective benchmarking scores.

Antutu benchmark score: 23864
Vellamo Multicore score: 1176
Vellamo Metal score: 971
Chrome Browser Score: 2173
Geekbench Single-core score:491
Geekbench Multi-core score: 1453
Quadrant Standard score: 14132

What are the sensors available on this device?

Direction, Acceleration, Light E0compass, proximity are the sensors available on this device and helps in automating the device.

What is a remote control and what are the features available on this?

Oppo Mirror 5 Remote

The remote control is one of the applications in Oppo Mirror 5 which helps you by converting the device to the remote controller of any gadget. As the device comes with IR blaster, remote control is the best application available on the device.

These are the general questions a user search for when he purchases a news device. If you any other queries related to the product then do pass them in the comment box, we will get back to you.


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