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OnePlus to Foray into Smart TV Market with the Launch of OnePlus TV in 2019



OnePlus entered the smartphone market with the OnePlus One launched in 2014. Later in 2016, the company also planned to launch OnePlus smartwatch alongside the Oneplus 3 smartphone. Though the company also sorted out the design of the smartwatch, it scrapped its plan to stay focused only on the smartphone market. However, the company has been selling mobile accessories and merchandise along with their smartphones. Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, now confirmed the company plans to enter a completely new segment with the OnePlus TV.

Just like its earlier products, the company is also involving the OnePlus community to shape its new product. Just like the naming of the OnePlus One and Oxygen OS, the company is now asking its users to come up with a name for the OnePlus TV. While the company is ambitious about launching the first OnePlus TV in 2019, we might not see yearly upgrades just like the smartphones. However, the company is said to offer software updates for the next five years to make it smarter and connected with other devices.

As of now, there is o information over the specifications of the OnePlus TV. However, the company has confirmed to launch a premium looking TV with top-notch hardware to match the competition. In the age of artificial intelligence-powered assistants and smart speakers, the OnePlus TV will be no lesser in terms of these AI-based smart features. As it will be a huge task for OnePlus to build an alternative to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the company is looking for a possible collaboration with major players in the industry.

Since the OnePlus TV is said to feature a built-in camera, the company assured to come up with a solution to offer privacy protection. While you can already find TVs with built-in Alexa or Google Assistant, lest see what OnePlus brings new to the table. Since the OnePlus TV is still in the early stages of development, OnePlus hasn’t provided any specific details. We hope the company won’t step back as seen with the OnePlus X and OnePlus smartwatch. Stay tuned on PhoneRadar for more details.



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