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OnePlus not working on Foldable Smartphones at the moment: CEO Pete Lau confirms



Putting an end to rumors and preventing speculations in the future, OnePlus’ CEO Pete Lau had confirmed that they are not working on any foldable phone right now at least for this generation. Pete had visited students at the European Institute of Design in Milan, Italy wherein he had discussed the company’s next smartphone and foldable phones and his plans to take OnePlus to different markets including – TV, Workspace and automotive as well.

In the interview when asked about the company’s plans of making a foldable phone, Pete had stated they have already considered about a foldable phone, which has become the new thing in the industry starting this year. Pete had suggested that the foldable phones are currently not efficient due to their limited offerings and doubts the longevity of them with the existing technology. He had also indicated that the current foldable phones out there are apparently niche devices but had hoped that these would indeed be accepted in the near future. And, lastly, he had confirmed the next generation OnePlus devices won’t be having foldable technologies but will be featuring 5G, as demonstrated at MWC, this year.

When asked about the venturing into the TV business, Pete had stated that the fact that TV hasn’t made any drastic change over two decades and still finding a remote to still switch on the TV, for him, appears to be dated. He had also revealed that this could only change with integrated Artificial Intelligence in the TVs and wishes them to be termed as Smart Displays, instead. Pete had further stated that the company that knows smartphone by heart would actually be able to make a real smart TV as well.

As for entering into the automotive industry, OnePlus CEO Pete had confirmed that they wouldn’t be building a car for sure but are in plans to develop a software or create a platform instead. Pete believes with substantial developments through 5G; by 2025 they would be making a super virtual assistant to serve the users in the car industry in ways that are difficult to believe in today’s terms.

The OnePlus CEO Pete had also stated the current approach of the company, i.e. making and focusing on one product a year will be the same motto for the coming years as well, and he believes that smartphone is the center in the tech industry and wishes to focus on the same at least for now. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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