OnePlus releases Custom Android Lollipop ROM (Alpha), Moving away from CyanogenMod

by Vishal Toshiwal 8

OnePlus One Android Lollipop Alpha ROM

It has been clear that OnePlus and their software partner Cyanogen have been experiencing the communication difficulties. To jog up your memory, OnePlus found out that the Cyanogen has inked a deal with Indian mobile vendor Micromax, which in turn doesn’t allow them to ship the OnePlus One to India running Cyanogen’s software. Then to clarify the details, Cyanogen released a statement saying they will support the device updates outside India. As if that was not enough, a few weeks later, the OnePlus One was completely banned in India, all thanks to a deal between Cyanogen and Micromax. Though, after about a week the ban was lifted and eventually allows Indian users to begin the purchase of the phone again.

Now because of this entire debacle, the OnePlus has put together a team of software developers and is now on its way to release their own ROM independently with no help from Cyanogen. Earlier today, the company announced the Alpha release of their first ROM, which is also going under a contest to name the ROM.

This new alpha release from the OnePlus One Team is based on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. This new software build is in very early stages of development, so there is naturally a ton of known bugs with software already. For now, there are no extra features baked into the OS, so it is basically a bare-bones AOSP Lollipop for now. Although, company promises that this is just the base that will lead to the customization and improvement of core functionalities on the latest firmware updates.

The ROM can be flashed to your OnePlus One using the instructions on company’s site. Note that all the instruction should be carefully followed, even though that the flashing ROMS is covered with warranty, but any bad behaviour that result from doing so are not. So, it is highly recommended to backup all the data before flashing the ROM. Or otherwise if you aren’t so keen on flashing the Alpha software to your device, then you should give it some time, as you will receive the stable software from the team in the next couple of months.

Here are the known bugs in the software so far:

  • Data roaming is on by default. Make sure to turn if off to avoid potential charges.
  • As always, flashing a custom ROM incurs the risk of bricking your phone. Make sure you know what you’re doing and backup everything.
  • Camera and video may be unstable. This build supports 4k video; however the quality may be low as we are still fine-tuning the camera.
  • Capacitive keys do not turn off when you enable software keys.
  • Clock crashes periodically.
  • If using a new app pinning feature in L, make sure to turn on the software keys first. Otherwise, you will have to reboot your machine.
  • On first boot, start up time will be a bit slow. Rest assured we would speed things up in the future.
  • Wi-Fi may be unstable.

Note that this build is not eligible for OTA updates. If you are interested in flashing this alpha release on your OnePlus One, then head over to the below link.

Source: OnePlus

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  • vivek ganeriwal

    Good for one plus one if they are creating new rom for their phones

    • Definitely there was some bad news with Cyanogen removing their rom support from the one plus one in India an moving forward with MMX and their Yu phone but One Plus didnt let that stop them and simply made their own!

  • Yeah this is definitely very buggy and quite unstable but it takes baby steps! A custom rom is a very sweet thing to hear from 1+ and I’m sure the Alpha version is still a great refreshing option to use. I would love to test it out and can easily overlook the bugs but for many, they would prefer a more polished experience and will have to wait a while. But still nonetheless alpha is still a great start and I’m increasingly eager as to how it looks I’m going to look for a video on the rom and see if the UI has changed.

  • Suraj Racharla

    Its great to One PLus recieving a mod for the Android Lollipop version but stepping away from Cynogen mod is definetely a move i doubt would be good. Cynogen mod is great and provides custom expiriences and One PLus stepping away from it may bring death to the One Plus. But on the brighter side One PLus is releasing their own custom rom and a rom that is more suitable to the phone. It is defenetely going to be many bugs and i see in the future to be many problems occuring. Hopefully they can get their game togher and release and fix all their bugs for the One Plus 2 release that will happen soon. I wonder how the Ui is going to look and oviuolsy they are going to tweak the Ui for it to be compatible for the One Plus 2

  • Shanky Yadav

    well i am impressed by one plus for building their own ROM and not lying on CYANOGENMOD any more, its in first stage so its clear and common that it will have tonnes of bugs and also its alpha version which is supposed to be fast, i think ONE plus is trying to manage all their ecosystem which is disturbed. ONE plus is now also become a trusted brandl.

  • Jugal Mudoi

    This is great to hear that OnePlus working on their own custom rom based on Lollipop, whatever they named it Alpha or another name but I guess it’s an appreciable step it’ll carry forward their journey. At the onset of this story I guess this is all happened for a growing tiff between Onepus and CM. But Oneplus had already learned so many things from CM so we can expect for a fresh rom. No doubt it would have so many bugs but though those are not huge but a minor that can be easily killed for most of us. As it will take few times to be more stable users should have to wait a lilittle more who prefer a non buggy version of it. Overall I’m looking forward to see the whole new interface on Oneplus one or subsequent devices that to be launched soon.

  • Siddhesh Sharma


  • Nikhil Narkhede

    Great thing about this rom is that its almost a stock lollipop rom . though these are my initial impressions about this rom .Hope to see video review of the same .