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OnePlus 5 Smartphone Is Partially Water Resistant, Says Product Manager



There has been a lot of speculation surrounding OnePlus 5 smartphone and its features. Ever since the launch of the smartphone, one thing which most people want to know is, if the OnePlus 5 smartphone is water resistant or not? Well, it looks like now we have an answer to this. OnePlus 5 product manager Vito, was asked a whole bunch of questions about the OnePlus 5 and the answers have revealed a thing or two about the OnePlus 5 which most people aren’t aware of.

And coming to the question of water resistance, it looks like the smartphone is partially water resistance. Well, if you are wondering what does it mean, it means that the OnePlus 5 does have some basic protection from water damage. When Vito was asked about the OnePlus 5 smartphone’s water resistance, he stated that they did think about it and in fact, they have done some basic water protection. However, he emphasized on the fact that it does not have an IP rating, but it is better than their previous products.

But before you throw your device into a pool and run to a OnePlus service center for claiming warranty, be informed that the company has not announced an IP certification for the device officially. Even the company does not know the extent of the current protection, which explains why they are not talking about any protection openly. So, if you end up wetting your device to a point where it stops working on you, then, unfortunately, OnePlus won’t be able to help with that.

A few other features were also discussed in the interview like the Reading Mode. If you don’t know what it is, the reading mode tries to emulate the display similar to an e-book reader for less eye strain while reading. According to Vito, it apparently took them about 2 months and 20 different versions of the software tool to achieve what it is right now. He noted that fine-tuning the color temperature curve to match the ambient temperature was one of the biggest challenges that they have faced. If you wish to know everything that was discussed in the interview, then we suggest you head over to the source link below and take a look at it. Having said that, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this by leaving a comment down below.

Source – OnePlus Forums


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