Giveaway: Win 10 OnePlus 2 Smartphone Invites

by Amit Bhawani 30

OnePlus 2 - Tips and Tricks

The OnePlus 2 Smartphone is here and it is called as the Flagship of 2016 by the brand. If you are planning to buy this phone, you need an invite which is hard to get considering there are already 45,00,000+ registrations. We at PhoneRadar are going to Giveaway 10 Invites & following this we would be sharing a larger batch of 100 Invites soon.

Before you join this Invites Giveaway, read this Video Comparison of the OnePlus One Vs OnePlus 2 to know the major differences between these devices. Also watch the Video of the OnePlus 2 Review.

Giveaway Results

After a lot of random selections, following are the list of winners who have Won the OnePlus 2 Invites.

  1. Michael Anish
  2. Shahazad Bhagwan
  3. Omar Azami
  4. Pradyumna
  5. Ch Ajay Kartheek
  6. Alok Kumar
  7. Kishore Kengeri
  8. Krupesh Rawal
  9. Tarun Agarwal
  10. Kalpak

Congratulations everyone & Stay Tuned for another Giveaway coming soon on PhoneRadar.

Amit Bhawani


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  • Rajesh Karia

    Nice move to keep it simple.

  • Kaushik Medhi

    Thatz really Nice ! When will you conduct Giveaway for the complete device ?

  • AdM

    Move peasants! That invite has my name on it.

  • Sebastian Bednarek

    Definitely would love to earn one of that invites, i am currently using Nokia E52 after being dissapointed by LG G4. :/

  • sughosh33


  • Santhanam Rock

    In the 1+2 quick specs it is mentioned as Quad core, it is actually an Octa-core processor (quad core + quad core).

  • Prerit

    Just waiting for this awesomeness

  • Prerit

    Can’t wait to have one

  • Gnana Manickam

    On what basis you select the winner @amitbhawani:disqus . I match your criteria of being an INDIAN. What else do i need to do to get an invite?? Ofcourse am sharing this with my friends too. Can’t wait to get one invite .

  • gokul anand

    good hearted people.

  • Gnana Manickam

    I am participating in every event you keep for a invite.Hopefully i will get one today via twitter. thanks @amitbhawani:disqus

  • Dinesh Purohit


  • Gnana Manickam

    When are you going to announce the 25 lucky owners of oneplus2 invite 🙂 Waiting like a mad boy in midnight 😀

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  • Prerit

    Waiting to get one of them

  • Moiz Ahmed

    HUphh!! i open this page every 2 hours, then hit refresh……then again hit refresh….. been doing this for the past couple of days. Desperately need an invite!!

  • Pradeep

    Waiting 🙂

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  • Affan Laziaf

    Pls consider me! I want it badly!

  • Prerit

    One for me. From last one and a half I am without a smartphone.

  • ajay kumar

    someone explain me how this all works!!

  • Anmol Arya

    after winning invites…in how many days oneplus is going to send the invites?? I am asking because i have won an invite in a similar giveaway on 28 Aug..but havnt recieved any…

    • Anand Phadke

      Hi many invites do you have..can you pls share one with me?

  • ajay kumar

    who won this competition?

  • Prerit

    Unlucky this time

  • 2creeperproductions


  • thoma_footie

    Will I get an invite by just reading and watching this..? So where s my invite 😀

  • Anand Phadke

    Hi to join this giveaway for oneplus2?

  • João Santos

    Anyone who has purchased the OP2 that can give me a call ?, thank you. my email for shared invite is : jpsantos78@sapo.PT