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OnePlus 2 Camera Capture Samples & Video Modes



OnePlus2 Butterfly Photo Capture

The OnePlus 2 comes with a 13MP Camera which captures photos in three different sizes ie. 12.4MP (4:3), 7.9MP (16:9) & 9.3MP (1:1) with all the photos captured with f/2.0 aperture. All the photos showcased below are captured in auto mode since the phone does not offer a manual mode we had seen on the LG G4. All these samples were captured handheld without a tripod, and we are totally Impressed with the final output.

Shooting Modes:


The phone supports 4K Video resolution and the focusing is great though there is no OIS because of which you would see a lot of shakes in the footage and we really hoped the camera came with OIS . When you tap on the settings under the Video Mode you get the option of 4K UHD, 1080P Full HD, 720P HD though it is recommended to opt for the 4K UHD Mode for the best results. We also found that while recording videos in the highest resolution, the phone did heat up a lot. We have captured a few videos in 4K which can give you an idea on how good the quality is which you can watch below to know more.


The Photo option on the Camera offers you with three modes i.e. Clear Image, HDR & Beauty. When tried these options I could not figure out many differences in capturing with the Clear Image option but when HDR was turned ON, the photos were enhanced and looked better. Overall the photos were quite sharp & never blurred even though the photos were captured hand held with a tap on the screen to focus on specific areas.

When we captured photos in low light the Camera did a decent job but not at par with what we had experienced in the daylight. Whenever the Flash was enabled it blew up the photo and everything in the background became dark, clearly marking that it is not recommended to capture photos in the dark with Flash ON unless it is required.

Tap to Focus: The camera offers tap to focus option with the final captures came out to be amazing as shown in the below sequence. The device comes with a Laser Focus which helps in super fast focus & is something which is totally amazing.

Slow Motion

When you select this option, the camera automatically zooms into the object & offers you with the only option of 720p resolution which is decent enough. In the above video you can find a few slo-mo videos recorded with this mode. We did wish there were more options like 240 fps at 480P though the camera offers with only 1 single setting.


The OnePlus 2 comes with an amazing option of Time lapse which automatically sets up all the settings and creates a Timelapse again something which we see on an iPhone since there are no controls over the speeds. The best part is that it offers you with three quality settings ranging from 4K UHD, 1080P Full HD to 720P HD.

Panorama : The application also comes with the Panorama option which offers you no options but captures a large panorama only when the device is in portrait mode, clearly a feature which is generally seen on the Apple iPhone.

OnePlus2 Camera Panorama Sample


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