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Note7 is World’s first Mobile Phone supporting 4×4 MIMO, along with 5G Networks



Recently, Samsung unveiled their much awaited new Note handset, the Note7. The company touted major features of the device at the launch event that happened on August 2nd. While there’s always some hidden features and upgrades that come into highlight later.

In the discovery, it is found out that Samsung Galaxy Note7 is world’s first mobile phone that supports 4×4 MIMO. It means the new Note is the first commercial handset that can take the full advantage of the Qualcomm’s X12 integrated modem.

For those who aren’t aware of what it means, 4×4 MIMO support means there are four receiving antennas which make the transmission of signals quite efficient when compared with dual antennas support. The feature was highlighted by a Reddit user when it was posted recently on the mobile subreddit page.

Samsung Note7 - MIMO Support

It can be said that this efficiency would be that less consumption of battery power and thus improvement in battery life. All because the connection can be completed faster and in more efficient subpar RF conditions. It is noted in the thread that it also means peak download rates can be effective twice as before with two antennas setup.

Though, user notes that it isn’t enabled by default on the handset’s current firmware. It is guessed that 4×4 MIMO capability would be enabled easily once Samsung pushes an OTA update to the Note7, which is still yet to be launched in many countries. So, it is hoped that we may see this update roll out of the box in some regions.


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