Nokia N1 Android Tablet Officially Launched in the UK and Ireland

Nokia finally launched its ‘N1 Tablet‘ outside Asia; the UK and Ireland are the first countries to get their hands-on. It is priced at GBP219 (approx $342), and the stock will be available in the coming weeks. The company will be selling them through its NokiaShop UK, earlier to this the consumers from Europe and the US have to import it from Asia, where it is launched in China and Taiwan.

If you think of Microsoft’s deal, Nokia does not operate the NokiaShop but a third-party reseller called Colourful (2018) Limited is actually beyond it and offers official support and assures warranty. Rumours also suggest that the company will also launch the N1 tablet in India and Indonesia.

The 7.9-inch tablet device comes with the Gorilla Glass 3 protection and it has a 2048×1536 resolution, and it is a IPS panel with LED backlight. Nokia has also mentioned that it is a fully laminated zero air-gap display. What powers the Nokia N1 tablet is a 64-bit Intel Atom Processor Z3580, clocking at 2.3 GHz and there is 2GB LPDDR3 RAM.There is 32GB internal storage and PowerVR G6430 GPU powers the graphics output. The N1 tablet has a good camera combo, with an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing one, both having 1080p video recording capability.

This is a one-piece design made using Aluminum with surface anodization (sandblasted for a satin finish). Nokia has managed to keep the thickness at 6.9mm, and still pack in, a 5300 mAh battery. Another great part about the tablet is the Android Lollipop OS, which would be running in it, with the Z Launcher.

The Z launcher isn’t something new for Nokia fans, because the launcher was already available on the Play Store, and that is now even more polished to give a good experience for tablet users, and Nokia could get no better time than this, to bring the tablet device and launcher together. In the Z launcher, you can scribble a letter or two with your finger to bring up things around that, and that changes based on the usage. The apps are categorized based on what you need, when you need it. The Z Launcher is although available on Play Store, what you would see in the Nokia N1 tablet is a polished and exclusive version for Android Lollipop OS.

The audio output is from the two 0.5 W stereo speakers. It is said to have an audio level of 90 dB, with the total harmonic distortion (THD) being lesser than 10%. The tablet has the MicroUSB 2.0 port with Type-C reversible connector.

No information about the availability yet, the tablet is going to sell at $249. The Nokia N1 will be out with two color options – Natural Aluminum or Lava Gray. For the 8-inch size, the weight of 318 gm makes it light enough, compared to other tablet devices with similar screen size. No sharp edges can help in holding the tablet for a long time.

The surprise announcement of an Android tablet from the company that seemed to have gone away from everything except the Windows Phone lineup, makes things exciting, especially after it comes out with the latest OS and some good specs. And that too, after Microsoft removed the Nokia branding and recently introduced the first Microsoft Lumia device.

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  • What Nokia is this. The one that is left in Finland (that has hinted in getting back in the devices game) , or the one acquired by Microsoft?

    • MS has bought the mobile-producing part of Nokia (and several licenses+the Nokia brandname for X years). This device will be released by Nokia ("the Finnish Nokia"), although it will be manufactured by a contractor manufacturer (like AMD and Apple do it).

  • Wow.. I mean seriously WOW.. so that's what the black box was all about.. what a comeback Nokia, you are clearly a game changer.. this looks absolutely premium.. also the pricing is surprisingly low for such specs and hardware.. Although it does look similar to the iPad Mini, as some people have mentioned above, but OMG what a device..

    • Yep the resemblance is incredible and might be the best way to go keeping the mind about the fact that Apple is a top brand and Nokia offers a similar product for cheaper'!

  • this is what i want from my favt brand ever ALL MY FAMILY RELY AND TRUST ON NOKIA and i am a big fan of it i will always remind the quality that it offers and now this is goona boom me with android (no x ) i just cant wait for it to owned by me. The surprise announcement of an Android tablet from the company that seemed to have gone away from everything except the Windows Phone lineup, makes things exciting, especially after it comes out with the latest OS and some good specs. And that too, after Microsoft removed the Nokia branding and recently introduced the first Microsoft Lumia device. me tooo

    • Strange to see a deep dedicated Nokia lover. This news is probably some seriously amazing stuff for you, glad that you can continue to enjoy the Nokia experience and when you get the N1 let us know what you think of it!

    • its amazing to see NOkia do something risky like this but they still managed to be succesful and when this realeased it is going to be sold off within minutes. I hope Nokia keeps a good stock ready!!

  • OMG this looks like a an exact copy of an ipad mini. IN terms of hardware or atleast in the pics it looks like an ipad mini running android 5.0. And with the well renowned Z launcher it looks even better. I have to say the tablet looks very fluid and very simple with Android 5.0 and Z launcher. I also have to admit that in such a long time i actually found a UI that i really like from Nokia. The UI just looks so simple that its great. It reminds me of Tizen(SAMUNG UI) but this UI looks very simple and it will attract people for sure.The tablet looks great on grey or light color wallpapers and i just dont know what to say!!. I have to say this is NOkia game changer tablet and they have taken a giant step towards the right way into the tablet world. Also it has awsome polished alumium build quality and can definetly not dissapoint anyone. And with a price tag of $250 bucks you cant deny it and how good it looks. I mean even the processser is strong compared to other tablets and what more can you ask!!!!

  • Great move.. it was expected that Nokia will come back with a big surprise and also I'm really happy that it still there in the battle. It's easy to imagine that a device with such great specifications how would be its performance and when it comes to the name Nokia it's relaxing... really this is a great device and as everyone saying it has a glimpse of iPad mini, I'm so much impressed and probably this is the biggest tech news of the day. :)

    • Nokia looked down for the count with the Lumia but the fact that immediately got up and released the n1 shows fight and I like that. They have good specs on their side too!

    • I have to agree with you. I cant wait to see what Nokia offers in their second android tablet when they make it. Its going to be a tablet killer!!!

  • The resemble to the ipad mni is very nice and in terms of specs i would prefr this and android. It doesnt seem like any phone runs ios well these days

    • What would you prefer btw, a Nokia with windows os or one with android? I'm personally a die hard android lover and enjoy everything about it especially when mad with a greater device but what do You think?

    • the build quality is good and i cant wait for Phone radar to make a video and full review on it eventhough it is a tablet

  • its something they probably considered but whether you are equipped with expandable storage or cloud storage its still storage and its the peoples preference on wht they would want. Im okay with either options and would have a wider range of tablets to choose from because of that.