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No Google Bloatware on Future Android Devices with Better Android Performance



Google Bloatware apps

You all might get frustrated seeing the Google folder on your home screen with a bunch of apps that you don’t use a single time. Most of the Google based applications are useful like Gmail or the Google Maps but its uncertain of the other applications which we find pre-installed. In my case, I have never used the Google Newsstand, Google Play Books nor the Google Keep even after using the Android OS from the past few years.

This could be a similar scenario with most of the users & when Google clearly mentions that Android is a Open Source Operating System, this is double standards because all the above mentioned list of applications are almost commercial applications. With also pre-installed apps running in the background, all could do is just disabling them because we can’t uninstall them.

Unlike Apple and Microsoft; Google has chosen to make its Android OS to be an open-source so that anyone in the world can make their own version of Android. That the reason, we have seen the CyanogenMod, MIUI and FireOS that are based on Android. The OEMs need to get their tweaked OS approved by Google before releasing it into the market. This where the whole mess-up happens, to get theirs OS approved the OEMs needs to accept certain guidelines set by Google. Where all the Google apps are to be installed instead of the fewer apps that are most widely used.

Out of all the Google apps, only a few apps like Gmail, Play Store, Youtube and few others are mostly used. The rest includes Play Movies, Play Music, Play Books, Play Newsstand that no one ever uses; these apps cannot even uninstalled. That the reason, you end up with very low internal storage and even the apps may run in the background draining
your battery and network data.

Now the things are getting little better with the Google’s new set of guidelines, the requirement of installing Google apps will now depend on the manufacturers. Unlike earlier, where it is mandatory to install all the Google suite of apps.

These are the  list of Google apps that are installed on all our Android devices

  • Chrome – 69.95MBAndroid Google Bloatware apps
  • Google – 33.85MB
  • Gmail – 12.07MB
  • Maps – 25.57MB
  • YouTube – 13.88MB
  • Drive – 14.65MB
  • Hangouts – 26.62MB
  • Play Store – 12.58MB
  • Play Music – 16.26MB
  • Play Movies – 7.21MB
  • News & Weather – 3.21MB
  • Photos – 25.42MB
  • Calendar – 16.22MB
  • Play Books – 9.97MB
  • Play Newsstand – 11.44MB
  • Play Games – 11.34MB
  • Google+ – 21.71MB

(the apps in the bold font will be joining the list with Google Earth and Google Keep as the optional apps)

Apart from Google, the manufacturers and network carriers also come with their own set of pre-installed apps. This all makes the performance of your device go down, along with that it also kills the pure Android experience. From now on, few of the apps that aren’t used mostly will be installed onto your device, but if you need them, you can anyway download them from Play Store.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow - app permissions

Not only Android, even iOS and Windows Phone OS also have this kind of bloatware apps. With fewer bloatware apps, the performance of the device improves accordingly along with good user interface.

With the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow (check out our How-To guide to install Android 6.0 on your device), Google has revamped its app permission policy. In the latest Android, you can choose which permission should be allowed for each and individual app. Though this are the same features, that are already available on MIUI and CyanogenMOD ROM’s.  It’s better to see Google move in making the Android more customizable than ever. 

If your are expecting all the apps to be made optional, then you might disappointed as that would never going to happen anytime soon. Indeed, you need to think of having fewer bloatware apps than the more will get better performance out of your device. Let’s hope sometime soon we can have fully customizable Google apps.


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