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How to Get Nexus 5X Looks on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone



Galaxy S5 Nexus Look

You still have the year old Samsung Galaxy S5, that you have been flaunting? It’s time to either upgrade to the latest flagship devices that could be the Galaxy S6 or the recently launched OnePlus 2 Smartphone. If you are still comfortable with the S5, then we can help you get the Nexus 5X looks onto your phone & that could make it completely look new & fresh. This is all possible with a few software changes in the form of themes, wallpapers etc that helps in completely giving you a new experience altogether. In this article, we will show you how you can get this job done within a few minutes.

The task can be done in different parts depending on the section we customize, hence you will have to go through downloading the below-mentioned apps & images.

  • Step 1: Download the Marshmallow Wallpapers set. You need to download the complete package of wallpapers that are available under the Marshmallow Zip File here & save it onto your downloads folder. Next you need to unzip or extract the same, following which you need to head over to the home screen of your Phone & long press to get the wallpapers option. Here you can select any wallpaper you like from the Android 6.0 collection, that can suit your taste.

    Galaxy S5 Nexus Homescreen Galaxy S5 Nexus Set Wallpaper Galaxy S5 Nexus Wallpaper

  • Step 2: Disable S-Voice & move ahead using the Google Voice Search for everything. Since you have installed the Google Now Launcher, long pressing the home button will take you to a window that has the Google Search Box followed by a few cards. You can easily search for any information through this or even find some useful cards based on earlier searches, your calendar & important emails that have some information around upcoming events. Head over to the Settings > Applications > Application Manager > All > S Voice > Tap on Force Stop & Disable. Once done your are done completely stopping the Samsung’s own voice search program & moving to the Google based search.
  • Step 3: Get the beautiful Google Now Launcher on the Phone. Head over to the Google Play Store & download the “Google Now Launcher” onto your phone & set it as your default launcher over the default TouchWiz. When asked as your default home app, tap on always & confirm the same.
    Google Now Launcher Set Default Google Now Launcher App Drawer
  • Step 4: Moving to Google Apps should be your next aim, considering that Samsung pushes a lot of its apps & services by default. Download the “Google Keyboard” from the Play Store & Install the same. Next head over to the Settings & change the default keyboard. Go to Settings > Language and input > Keyboards > Google Keyboard. Switch to this new keyboard & ensure that it’s enabled while the Samsung keyboard is disabled. The best part of this switch is that the new keyboard also comes with a swipe feature helping in quick typing over the tap option.

Note: You can also make a few more customizations like changing the arrangements of app shortcuts & folders on the home screen, disabling few more Samsung applications, removing the widgets etc. Also, download the Google Camera Application that offers some amazing bokeh features & replace the Samsung Camera shortcut with this one. Overall following all the mentioned above tweaks, you can give your S5 a fresh look that resembles the recently launched Nexus devices. Let us know if you found any other similar tweaks & applied them on your phone.


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